file a missing person’s report for karaoke

karaoke has been missing since 2 months ago.
she just vanished,
something in my spirit told me to leave her be.
we didn’t have an argument or anything,
but we were supposed to record a podcast and she never responded.
she finally hit me up and admitted to me…

That she has been so depressed that she hasn’t gotten out of bed

she had no energy or will to do anything.
she didn’t watch “insecure“,
which she was so excited to watch before it came out.
i told her to watch “tiger king” so we could discuss it,
but she didn’t have the energy.
she said she started getting so depressed with the routine of waking up,
staying in bed to work,
and then just going back to sleep.
it was the same walls and being in the crib with her husband.
on weekends,
she would just sleep the days away.
now that she is going back to the office,
she feels like she has her old routine again,
but things in the world are different.

I know that feeling all too well

i was so depressed towards the end of last year.
i had no will to watch shows or even update the foxhole.
the ones you know as “strong”,
this whole rona world might have broken them down.
i know so many folks who are suffering because of the lock down.
not only that,
but add on all the police brutality and surge in racism:

the enemy is at an all time high right now.
many of us just need a shoulder.
check in on your family and friends that have gone silent.
if you know they work out issues better alone,
let them have their time.
if they’re really in bad shape,
it’s time to lend that ear and shoulder.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

3 thoughts on “file a missing person’s report for karaoke”

    1. ^thank you yc!

      many of us are struggling with this new world we are living in.
      many of us who give off “strong” can still be suffering underneath it all.

      everyone needs to have a check in!

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