fredo (fredo_llh) wants ya’ll to stop being savages for that meat in his dms

so which one of ya’ll got fredo upset?
well it seems like all those who can’t stay out of his dms.
i guess it was getting so bad that he had to address it in his ig stories

you know what’s funny?

I enjoy how some of these males see how vixens are treated on a regular.

vixens deal with so much just walking out the door.
attentionistos are seeing how annoying it is.
that type of shit can humble some of these pineapples real quick.
love love love to see it.

you do everything to pander to the gay community.
you have videos literally bending over and spreading the cheeks.
it’s a no brainer that you’ll have thirsty and sweaty gay males in your dms.
you’re the pretty vixen that some of these males can’t understand the word “no”.

on that note,
gay and bi males…

He has always maintained he is straight

why are you even trying?
i’ve said it a million times before,
if an attentionisto on the level of fredo is interested in you,
HE will let you know.
it’s like a baller or celeb wolf looking for his next vixen to deal with.
so many vixens i know will be like:

“OMG he is so thirsty in my dms.”

some males,
regardless of sexuality,
are savages when they’re horny.
they never went shooting their shot.
fredo says he is straight so respect it.

some of you helped him achieve the life he lives.
you supported his dreams by way of onlyfans so he can live his best life.
most of you should applaud yourself for helping him get to the level he is.

i’m sure he is extremely grateful and doesn’t need you in his dms.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

29 thoughts on “fredo (fredo_llh) wants ya’ll to stop being savages for that meat in his dms”

    1. But his hole excites dis dick! LOL … Seriously, I agree with him. We as gay men have to stop being so desperate when we see attractive masculine men (therapy for internalized homophobia helps). AND, if u live in NYC, u can see blatino niggas who look like him, or BETTER, every Sunday night @ Boxers in Washington Heights; just riding the train u can see better eye-candy. Stop sweating dis nigga.

      1. Niggas start onlyfans, then cry when dudes hit them up, I don’t get it. Isn’t gay men your primary fan base? If I had OF, I don’t care if 80 year olds were subscribing, as long as that deposit hits. When you fish for attention and actually get it, you can’t pick and choose who you want to get attention from, celebrities can’t even control that. Dudes who do this aren’t comfortable with their sexuality, but try to fool people by saying “I support or don’t have a problem with etc” to avoid backlash. NOBODY CARES, these DUDES/MEN are paying your bills to watch your tragic ass stroke might I add, so stop complaining.

      2. PREACH bro!! Lol! I was just thinking the same thing. Yea he’s cute but he ain’t got nothing on a lot of these dudes in the heights! They’re a dime a dozen!

  1. Dick and ass on display, but mad dudes in your DM? I’m convinced these dudes have peanuts for Brains.

  2. It’s the Babies. They can’t help it. Self control is a hard thing to learn when your hormones are raging. But the older ones need their butts whooped. Leave that man alone. And definitely stop spending your money on his Onlyfans, if you can’t control your manners. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  3. I hate to brake it to my fellow younger Gays, but that “Everyman is gay on the low” shit is Just fantasy baby, that’s just what we WANT it to be, but the cold hard truth is MOST men in this world are straight, plain & simple. Theres a REASON why most of our Biggest crushes and ultimate fantasies in real life haven’t worked out, because we, as gay men, are sexually attracted to masculine men but one of the things that comes with that genuine (not forced, adapted or learned) masculine energy…is being straight, we crave the most masculine one in the bunch but be upset when it turns out he’s straight 🤷🏾‍♂️

    1. Mmm I wouldn’t say most men are straight, but I also don’t think that ALL men get down as well. Some gays do have that delusional mindset. In other and personal situations, I learned it also has a lot to do with how you look and carry yourself. Most attractive dudes (if DL) are attracted to dudes who are on the same level of attractiveness. It’s rare you’ll see two dudes who are together with one being MAD fine, and the other one being just average. It can be a huge possibility these dudes who hit these guys up just aren’t their type. I wouldn’t be so quick to call someone straight, just because they curved a couple of dudes. I’m pretty sure if all the dudes in his DM looked like 10,s he wouldn’t be complaining.

      1. Preach Brother, I cannot tell you how when you are just as muscular and nice looking as Str8 dudes how their whole attitude changes about you. Str8 men dont have that same energy for gay dudes on their level, only those they perceive as weaker, effeminate, out of shape.

        1. Having muscle won’t save you from homophobia bro. You just a f*g with muscles. Lol. People shouldn’t have to contort themselves for respect

      2. Still living in a fantasy the nigga said he straight then take his word for it. That why you gays end up so depressed. Still holding out for a man who’s telling you who he is. Instead of finding gay men who look better than him. Y’all waste so much time wanting these cats to be gay instead just accepting the truth when it’s right there in writing. Your whole comment is extremely shallow and it’s pitiful.

        1. I did mention from my personal experience right? How can you call my comment shallow from things I’ve seen with my own dealings? I’m not looking or care for approval from dudes. So that living in fantasy shit, doesn’t apply here sir. It’s common knowledge that the more attractive you are, the better you are treated. It’s literally called “pretty privilege” society is shallow as a collective. I don’t make the rules. Even if it’s not a sexual attraction, human beings generally are attracted to what’s attractive male or female. Shallow but it’s reality.

  4. Honestly, I’m getting tired of these OnlyFan dudes complaining about the disrespect they’re getting from the gays.
    If your inbox is flooded with dick and ass pics turn it off…it’s a simple process.
    You don’t complain about the money the gays pay every month….just to see you bust a nutt.
    They not even fuckin yo…be happy somebody is willing to pay to see that…not me!
    Forget about fuckin a girl with that corny stroke and small cock (Fredo)
    The egos are way out of control.
    If you think about it these dudes are just like a stripper in da club…just look good, let me throw some cash your way and let me bust a nutt…I’m out!
    Yet you want respect smh ✌

    1. Amen@NotDemetriusJenkins Man I use to feel sorry for these dudes about all the unwanted attention that gay dudes gave them but when you put your self out there oh well. I am an average dude and my DM’s stay full with disrespect but I ignore it. I think these dudes put this up for females who are probably questioning their sexuality. Aint nothing special at all about this dude. I encourage the gays to live your best life and harass the hell out of all these Attentionista’s most of them end up being homophobic assholes anyway so why not. If they dont like it, put your panties back on and exit stage left. We are nearing the end when Hoez are demanding someone RESPECT them, I blame the Kardashians for this B.S.

        1. That’s stupid don’t harass these men. Leave them be. Because I’m sure you wouldn’t want someone you’re not interested in harassing you. Collectively the gays should support other gay men. Gay men who will be at the pride prarade right next to you. Instead straight men who balantly use the community for money.

  5. It’s sad that he is upset with these gay children. Many have stated don’t put nudes out there for glorifying the human eyes. He kno6darn well that the young gays were going to after his ass! He’s complaining about the pictures but didn’t say anything about the $$$$!!!

  6. Sounds like an advertisement. He can signal to thirsty females that he’s still gettable. He can signal to thirsty gays that he’s even more desirable than gettable, he’s straight. He knows he’s more desirable if he claims straight for the ladies but suspect for the guys.

  7. The amount of gay men in these comments simping for this guy is pathetic!!!! Lmfaooo. It’s like y’all are saying well he didn’t call us faggots so he’s good with me. Newflash hoes you not gonna get the dick no matter how much times you give em your money. I mean my GAWD!!! Secondly what’s wrong with these instahoes. These cats will post their whole bootyhole, dick and prostate just to get mad that more gay men than straight women like it. Earth to instahoe: it’s the internet nigga, the shit you post is fair game. Anybody will slide in your dms and anyone will like or share your pic. These instahoes should be thanking the gays that give them attention.
    Thirdly and most importantly, I personally find it condescending that these instahoes always have to say how they support and respect everybody. I don’t know what it is but whenever these instahoes start going on and on about that it seems fake. Like these instahoes want an award for not being a homophobe. Nigga as much money asyas get from these gays, that’s the least you could do. Lmfaooo these niggas are so tired. They all starting to look the same.

    1. Oh yeah. Why the hell did he say “dudes/men” ain’t dudes and men the same damn thing? That right there is odd. Lmfaoo these cats don’t respect gays as much as they want y’all to believe.

  8. Oh, y’all don’t know huh. He got y’all thinking because of his IG and onlyfans that gay men are in his dms. So he just gon leave out the fact he works with a gay web company where all the talent is gay. Not to mention he did a acting role that wouldn’t even get him a real role in any movie, playing a so called dl dude who gets high and horny off a blunt. Y’all heard of Signal23tv right. Fredo is a regular actor with them. He has a movie called gay high.

    Here is a receipt about Fredo and why gay men in his dms.

    He is also on Cuffing Season, Season 3. Thats why gay men in his dms, he is working under the gay brand, not the straight brand of the company. He is not shooting anything with straight people that the company also does. He is only working with all gays. Plus he gets naked and on hard in front of gays!

    1. that nikka is not str8 he fucks dude and lets dude fuck many dudes on only fans they love the gays for money and convenience but everyone knowa he is bi verse bottom just like miss heat

  9. Lol after seeing that wack ass clip and looking at his pictures closer, I realized he really isn’t all that y’all.

    We have got to stop fetishizing light skin and tatted bodies that resemble chipotle bags.

    I feel like a lot of times gay men idealize straight men that are semi-attractive, but are still considered to be losers to any decent women.

    Any decent woman isn’t interested in men with no money and no direction in life no matter how attractive he is. They might get him to drop off dick if they want some but they’re not worshipping these dudes like gay men.

    I’ve yet to meet a woman that openly admitted to subscribing to any onlyfans pages🤷🏾‍♂️

      1. I imagine the few women that are freaky and sex positive enough probably have their own onlyfans pages lol. I never hear them complain about messages from men lol

        I don’t think he’s gay, but you can’t complain about attention from the main demographic that pays you and five mins later begging for someone to subscribe lol

  10. He sounds like a whole ass clown tbh. But these are the copy and paste dudes most gays toss on a their little pedestals so cant even be mad at him. Low self esteemed white mouthed gays will always have these generic dudes feeling like they’re superior. Don’t think that will ever change

  11. I find this shit funny as hell. A gay men getting mad over a man who says he’s not gay.
    A Stright man getting that gay men sending him their dick and ass.
    Lord help them all. I never understood why gay men get hot for muscle Stright guy.
    News flash. If was messing around with guys. I’m pretty sure the price wouldn’t be something any of got the money to spend to have one night with him.

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