mike mann doesn’t want blm and black gays to co-exist?

straight black males have this notion that “blm” is only about black males.
i started to notice that before folks started to say breonna taylor’s name.
(ex?) porn wolf,
mike mann,
isn’t happy about sharing blm with gay pride month.
this is what is put in his ig stories that a foxholer sent to me…

i had to read that about 7 times before i could understand it.
so he is saying “blm” needs to be segregated from anything gay related.
after his dragging,
he added this:

“my people are dying?”
aren’t gays and trans black too or…?

and of course,
a video:

you’re so good looking,
but you’re babbling and not making any kind of sense.
i think you should’ve spoken to someone and asked:

“Will this statement get me dragged by the general public?”

you could have asked me and i would have definitely said “uh huh”.

blm is everything.
black straight males.
black vixens.
black gays.
black trans.
everyone who is black falls underneath that umbrella.
regardless of that,
gay pride month has always been in june.
it just so happens to fall around the same time as blm.
black gay and trans do matter and need to be included as well.
i think people need to understand all aspects of black lives and not their own bubbles.
i don’t understand where mike was going with this.
i would have thought mike would have been more sensitive to this,
seeing as how he is bi(?) and has been inside a few males within his porn career.

this is what i want everyone to do.
i want you to download the “day one” app.


it’s a journal app where you can release all your inner word vomit.
you can font whatever you please,
because it seems like once you all start talking out loud,
it hardly ever makes sense and you end up getting dragged.
lets promote more private journaling for the rest of 2020!
that is…

Unless you want to be the next foxhole story?

you know i love to font about you.

lowkey: he never turned me on in porn because he never looked interested.
he always looked like he was in his head 99% of the time.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

21 thoughts on “mike mann doesn’t want blm and black gays to co-exist?”

  1. We constantly have to tell straight men and women that we are included in BLM because they want to not include us, especially when they say we are black before we are gay. If we were accepted from the black community in the beginning, this wouldn’t be a discussion

  2. Have to say..I love this song..masked me yours..As far as Mike Mann.. I don’t get his point, sounds confusing to me.. I get the impression that he may have said something that offended his fans so he was playing the I didn’t mean to offend U because I need my career and your support.

  3. DEEP SIGH…Another one of the self hating gays. Listen, he was practically a corpse in his scenes and the only time.he showed life was when he got his ass ate. She likes penis. I guess he is trying to hold on to that “gay for pay” lie he told. He made no sense in what he was saying and the “explanation” made it worse. I used to think he was so attractive until I found out the all the gay hating things he has said.

  4. He sounds like the majority of the heterosexual black community and their thought process. It’s so funny to me how he keeps saying that BLM (he needs to do his research about who started BLM) is about black (straight) men getting killed. The last time I checked black gay men were men also. Lawd, how do they make their minds work like that? It has to be exhausting for Mr. Mann to juggle those thoughts. I digress.

  5. Hold on … he’s straight? He does gay porn. Like
    He can literally put gay porn actor on his resume… but he’s up in arms about gay black people fighting for visibility regarding BLM? (Scratches head). Dis nigga needs therapy. He hasn’t accepted himself. This rant he had is “cognitive dissonance.” He’s just too repressed or, in denial. Sadly, I was once there … in his own time he’ll see how counterproductive he was at this moment in history.

  6. How you straight and you fuck men? That “gay for pay” concept is a hoax, and always been, No one can convince me other wise. And clowns like him are the catalyst for why the black lgbtq community demanded inclusiveness in the BLM movement. No matter what you Indetify as, if you’re black you’re at risk. This is almost on the same level as that vile white porn racist you posted, who fixed his mouth to call blacks niggers, yet still want BBC. The fact that he said he’s offended is laughable.

  7. All I am thinking is … I’ve seen this dude in a lot of gay porn scenes but this is the first and only time I’ve heard him speaking more than two or three sentences. That’s about all I can say!

  8. Filing this under Gay Prostitute Chronicles. I guess I dont care one way or another what a washed up act has to say. No need of getting mad when so many gay dudes celebrated this dude for his well endowment never knowing what he really was about. So many of these dudes use their assets to lure us for the love of money so we cant be mad when they feel the way they feel, we use them, they use us.

    1. Most porn stars tend to be trash ass people.. It’s an industry that generally attracts the bottom of the barrel of society

  9. Yet again another grown ass man who refuses to look beyond himself! He says that black men are dying, which is true but also black women are dying as well. The entire comunity is under attack! These “men” in the movement don’t realize that they’re the hindrance within the movement! Constantly stating and showing that only their heteronormative lives matter.
    Futhermore his first statement is stupid. Him saying black and LGBT as if people can’t be both at the same time. Secondly just because people are celebrating pride month doesn’t mean that they aren’t concerned with what’s happening. This is life Mike things happen all at once, you dunce!
    Then that bullshit video of him telling people how they should respond is stupid as hell too. He doesn’t get to feign ignorance about how offensive your statement is. He knew full well that he does gay pornography and most of his followers are gays. With a statement that inflammatory he should’ve expected a backlash. Another thing I noticed is how he slid that all lives matter shit in there too. Mike Mann is not only a dummy but a coon as well. Mike do us all a solid and keep your mouth shut and your legs open.

    P.S. : What is with these grown adults asking people to educate them? Why can’t they pick up a book like everyone else?

  10. Mike no matter how much you protest the gays you’ll always be a faggot to the straights. Should have kept that mask on.

  11. Funny thing is the same heterosexual black men he is saying BLM is about–“black (straight) men are dying right now”–would be the same men clowning him if they found out he fucked dudes up the ass.

    I was going to give him the benefit of a doubt and chalk this up to him mistaking the black lgbt+ community showing up to BLM protests with pride flags because it is Pride Month or we are trying to compare lgbt+ discrimination to anti-black discrimination. However, he opened his mouth and clarified everything for me.

  12. Honestly I didn’t even realise he can speak seeing that he was near unresponsive in most of his scenes, this is where I ask ” Are you high or just incredibly stupid? ” Mike go do some research sir…

  13. He not apart of that life? Who said that? Mike?! Mike Mann! Mike. Big dick Mike Mann who used to be a nude model and went straight into gay porn. Didn’t like the black guys he was paired with and ended up switching to only fucking white men. Let Ace Rockwood swallow that dick more than once tho then turned around and fucked a man raw on screen and then joined Ace Rockwood porn company, the same man that was sucking his dick any chance he got! That Mike Mann. He not a part of the LGBT community. Where they do that at because just be searching his name alone on the internet, he can’t deny any part of the LGBT+ Community. I’m pretty sure if the straight people he so called defending knew about his past, he wouldn’t be so outspoken. Now secondly, which should have been first but I digress his statement pissed me off for a minute. Last I checked, Pride Month was established way before ANY Black Lives Matter movement. This year just so happen to be the time where they want to do a full month. I’m black but I be damn if I’m about to let a so called “delivert” person try and take away what we earned way before any of this bullshit happened! I am tired of being pushed back because of what I do privately, because of the color of my skin, because of my gender, because of my past, because of my ancestors and because they feel threatened! I’m tired of this bullshit and I’m not going to blame all straight people. I’m taking it out on those individuals who feel they have a right to make people feel a certain way because they had a woosah moment, felt like being a reborn christian, decided oh I got enough money for what I need but I’m not gay tho. LEAVE US THE FUCK ALONE! Last I checked in order for the pill yall so called taking to get your dick hard, you have to be attracted to something for it to get hard, bitch! So obviously y’all dumb asses are gay! At least say Bi because that’s all it is. If you claim pan, asexual, guess what bitch, you still under the flag mothafucka!

    Ooooh that pissed me the fuck off! To think I used to defend this self righteous mothafucka because his stroke was weak as fuck! Got all that dick and don’t know how to use it. All you have to do is put a blindfold on and pretend or let Ace suck it. You don’t like sex with black men being a black man but you get hard as fuck when Ace suck yo shit. Mike better be glad I’m not a vindictive asshole because I would go search all his history and tag his ass and blow his shit up but that ain’t me or who I will ever be. If my followers want to see his shit, I will do it for them because it ain’t my place to air his dirty laundry cause he foul as fuck! If he see this and you come for me, I’m warning you, this ain’t what you want.

  14. I mean are we really acting like it wasn’t obvious he was only doing gay porn for the money? He looked high or uninterested in every scene he’s done.

    Honestly, there are plenty of other guys that share his views or worse and y’all still give them your undivided attention🤷🏾‍♂️

    The days of assuming men are gay or even allies when money and/or survival in some cases is involved is over. These new men will strip for you, pop a pill, get shit faced drunk, collect their coins and call you a fag when they get home. Lol

  15. First off, he spoke for six minutes and said nothing. Secondly and lastly, BLM was started by gay black women.

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