it’s too big! it won’t fit!

in a perfect world,
i’d be crying that in ecstasy.
today i’m just crying.
when i woke up today,
i was expecting a good ass day.
i bought a new a/c because my old one was blowing hot air.
new yawk summers can be brutal without any cold air blowing through your home.
the issue was…


my old a/c was  much smaller.
i’m sure this will cool down my crib in 2 minutes.
it’s so big that i couldn’t even get the shit out the box.
i knew i needed help.
a friend suggested that i hit up a site called “handy“.
they charged me 114 to get it installed.

he came today,
but the main conversation was how big it was and how it wouldn’t fit.

he told me that like 50-11 times.
i know some males love hearing that shit while on top of someone,
but i was getting absolutely annoyed.
i have to go to home depot to get a bracket to fit a big ass a/c.

Nothing was installed today.

my old a/c had to be thrown out so it’s stuffy af in my room.
don’t even get me started on a package i was expecting getting disposed by usps.
this is just a moment,
but right now,
things just suck.
i’m asking God to turn it all around.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “it’s too big! it won’t fit!”

    1. ^so i can’t have issues,
      get pissed off,
      and have shit just go wrong because people are dying?

      id rather not be a robot and have a place to vent.

  1. That sucks, I am sorry. I have a similar situation with my window unit. It fits but it is so big and heavy I am always afraid I will drop it on someone ( i live on the second floor.)

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