Phaedra Parks: Attorney at Law/Reality Show “Use 2 Be”?

soooooo she is gone?
i hear phaedra parks got the boot from rhoa.
whatever she did at the upcoming reunion…

…was pretty bad.
she allegedly took “rhoa” her social media title out of her status too:

she claims,
through her people,
that it isn’t true.
( x see here )
knowing phaedra,
who was revealed by various cast mates of being an alleged liar

It might just over for her.

we will have to wait and see.

lowkey: 4 parts tho?
so over a month of a reunion?

Author: jamari fox

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8 thoughts on “Phaedra Parks: Attorney at Law/Reality Show “Use 2 Be”?”

    1. Amen I mean they give real house wives a bad ads look the so called husbands on the show are more reality then the so called ladies the roles are reversed I wouldn’t watch if I were paid

  1. I have been unable to post FBI tips for days on my phone,tablet or computer
    But anyway Janet Jackson split from her billionaire husband.I think it might get ugly because those guys rarely give up custody of a child so she might have to stay abroad.I don’t believe he will allow her to live in the states with their child.This is just me talking.Maybe I have watched too many Dateline or 20- 20 stories about international child custody cases.😂

  2. People Magazine hasn’t confirmed Janet story so MAYBE it’s not true.I hope it isn’t I want her to have “happily ever after”.
    This is why I wish your email was working I would have posted that tip there instead of here for everyone to see.LOL😂

    1. Janet’s rep confirmed the split, but not a divorce. People was one of the first to tweet when news broke

  3. This is the best news I have heard as of late. I bet Phaedra will try to claim how it is possible for her to be fired if a contract for next season was not signed. If your contract was not renewed, you were let go, which means you were technically fired.

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