Being Gay Means There Is No Direction In The Household

church folks are so funny.
any little thing can send you to this place called hell.
i’m almost shocked they get up outta bed.
i love all the reasons being gay is wrong too.
it seems to change every quarter moon.
well karaoke told me about a situation she had recently with someone she met.
a church vixen.
it is one of the reasons why she doesn’t go to church in the first place…

karaoke met a vixen who was pressuring her to go to her church.
she decided too give it a shot one sunday a while back.
when she went,
she noticed how nice everyone was.
for a quick second,
she almost thought about joining.

a quick second.

as the pastor was preaching,
he started going in on gays.
according to karaoke,
he said the reason God condemns gays…

…is because a male is supposed to lead a female.
when it’s two males,
and two females,
there is no one to lead.”

so basically,
a male is the head of household.
the same sex cannot be the head of household because there is no direction.
that is the reason we are going hell.
karaokes’s response:

she up and left.
the church vixen won’t speak to her anymore.

it’s always some harebrained scheme why gays are “the devils walking the earth”.
that one takes the cake of all the ones i’ve heard.
it’s funny tho,
the way these lazy ass pineapples is set up…

I see more vixens leading households than males

they are working two jobs,
raising a family being single mothers,
and being the dad and the mom all in one.
so that idea is a little flawed in 2017…

Don’t cha think?

low-key: even if there is a wolf and a fox,
who want to have roles,
why does one have to lead?
why can’t the both?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “Being Gay Means There Is No Direction In The Household

  1. Are people still believing gender roles are still relevant? Aside from others aspects, anyone can lead a household, it is not just limited to men. If that were the case, there would be much more mischief occurring within households. Sexuality has nothing to do with it at all.

  2. God has nothing to with it you choose what and whom you like are dislike no one saw god write shit or heard him say anything about dislike of gay’s it’s a lie and what happens if the woman work is the no income no job having man still the head

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