Chris Brown and Lil’ Wayne Collab In “Give Us Your Statement”

and someday,
all that you do comes back to you.
who knew ^those two would be connected in more than a hot track?
well it looks like chris brown and lil wayne are connected in an alleged hot drug investigation.
this is what tmz had to report…

Chris Brown and Lil Wayne are now reportedly targets of a federal drug investigation involving thousands of dollars of narcotics, including lean.

The probe was triggered by a criminal drug trial involving Miami music producer Harrison Garcia who allegedly sent texts to people acknowledging and even bragging he sold drugs to the 2 rappers.

Garcia exchanged texts with an underling to deliver drugs to Wayne, saying, “I’ll shoot u some trees (pot).” Garcia responded, “It’s for Wayne.”

In another text, Gracia sent a screenshot of a $15,000 bank deposit from Chris Brown, saying, “Look who put money my account.” The woman said, “What that for LOL” and he responded with with a couple of smiley faces with the message, “Drugs … lean and sh*t” … this according to the Miami Herald.

A federal agent testified Garcia also told cops he sold Wayne narcotics … “a lot of narcotics.”

Garcia often poses on social media next to exotic cars, bling, expensive sneakers, stacks of cash and guns … and has been photographed with CB and Weezy.

The feds believe he used the drug money to buy those toys.

i mean…

Is anyone surprised?

this is the lifestyle they chose and the jackals they chose to hang around.
wayne is already a slave to his alleged drug use.
isn’t too far behind.
too bad,
like most musicians who are allegedly hooked on drugs,
this couldn’t really transform into epic albums.
wayne lost his mojo as far as rapping his concerned.
we heard that disaster on “no frauds”.
bruno mars decided to take male r&b back to a place where it was epic.
chris out here making one long song for his singles.
shame on all ends.lowkey: on the positive,
it’s not cocaine or heroin.
i’m trying to be positive.

article taken: tmz

6 thoughts on “Chris Brown and Lil’ Wayne Collab In “Give Us Your Statement”

  1. It seems like the regular connection to chris brown besides his situation w/ rihanna and Karrueche is that he keeps negative/the wrong company and needs to find better folks to surround himself with.

  2. everytime I see something bad about Chris Brown the first thing I see is source from tmz they do not like him I swear

    1. If you see something bad about Chris, it’s because HE is the one that did it. No one held a gun to his head and said go out and act a damn fool. He continues to run with people that DO NOT have his interests at heart and only have their hands out.
      Who in their right mind would loan their “friend” and I don’t know how well he knew that kat, their Lambo?!! AND THEN, said “friend” smashed the car in an accident and left the scene!
      Not me, that’s for sure. He’d get a BMW or Mercedes to drive, and I’d have to know them REALLY well before I give my keys up.
      TMZ is an entertainment site that reports on stars movie, music, and athletic entertainers. Can’t get mad at them for doing what other shows and magazines do. IJS.

  3. Well fellows there not alone please believe this is reality and showbiz they build them up just to tear them down the devil is busy indeed we got no in there America we blacks should never take the white men poison from jump and we never fall victim to the system they set up for us mic dropped

  4. Nope, not surprised…btw, a fool and his money are soon parted – esp when flashed and showcased in bundles on social media *side eyeing u Mr. Caldwell*

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