It Took One Hundred Years For Chateau Sheree

i don’t want to knock folks dreams.
my dream is to be an accomplished and respected blogger/writer.
that could take a long time or never.
so i don’t want to get in the habit of saying someone “can’t” make it.
they just may surprise you.
well i’m surprised that sheree whitfield has her infamous,
“chateau sheree”,
finally built and livable.
she is actually inside it.
i don’t know if it passed inspection!

she is living inside and gave us a tour

well she tole ya’ll

excuse me sheree!
this is a nice ass den you got going on here.
i’m glad she was finally able to get this accomplished.
it was the subject of a lot of jokes and rumors,
but she came through with her dreams.
she can check this off her #lifegoals,
but she definitely needs a new story line.
her main “point” of why she is on rhoa has been completed.
she might need to start some beef with someone to keep it going.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “It Took One Hundred Years For Chateau Sheree”

  1. I dont understand the surprise. She makes $800k to star on a TV show. Even after taxes, agents and managers, thats enough for a big house in Atlanta. Is your surprise related to the personality of the character she plays?

    1. ^it took her damn near 8 years to completely that house.
      all the issues that have hindered it from being built.
      it’s a surprise to see it off the ground.

  2. A silly extravagance that probably won’t hold its value. Her kids are grown. A nice size tastefully done home with minimal maintenance is what she needs.

    This home is going to be a pain to maintain after her run ends on RHOA.

    1. ^she should have rocked a nice condo.
      nothing wrong with that.
      she seems to be living way outside her means.
      that is why it’s shocking this is even up and she is living it.

  3. According to B. Scott, she’s still not able to live in it and she has a few suits from contractors. Sigh.

  4. Nice house, but the rooms aren’t that impressive in terms of size, esp the master bedroom. Hell, I want a king size bed. And she can’t put a king in that small ass master bed room.

  5. I don’t understand where these rumors are coming from that she’s not living in it. I live in Atlanta, she’s living there alright!

    I’m happy for her! She really did that, and her house warming kicked the hell out of Kenya’s.

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