What Can Solve My Problem (Righ Nah)

i don’t understand what is happening to the foxhole.
i’m puzzled.
jetpack for wordpress is puzzled.
there is no explanation to what is happening.
i don’t know if entries are showing up,
or not showing up.
the mobile foxhole looks different than the desktop.
i’m absolutely bewildered.
well i guess there is only one thing that might solve this issue…

i’m willing to give the foxhole a pepsi.
ya know,
since pepsi is used to solve all the world’s issue.
kendall jenner found the solution at the end of this commercial:


the only problem is,
i don’t drink pepsi…

…but if i offer a rasberry iced tea and a side of fries instead,
let’s cross our paws it will be just as good.

lowkey: that commercial was so disrespectful.

why would kendall even agree to that?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “What Can Solve My Problem (Righ Nah)”

      1. I’m a Pepsi guy, can’t stand Coke since they fucked with the formula many years ago. It used to taste good to me, but not any longer, BUT, I did have one of those Mexican Cokes once (sold in bodegas in Manhattan I’m told) and that thing was nothing like any Coke I ever tasted. Put our shit to shame! LOL

  1. I don’t get the updates on my phone as quick anymore but the mobile site seems to be coming in.

    This commercial is what happens when you don’t have anyone of color in the pitch meeting

  2. the site is working from what I’m seeing I posted a comment and it came up.

    Also this commercial turned me off to pepsi, even though I decided to cut soda from my life ages ago, which sucks because that was my drink of choice but ehh I can keep going without. My sister is pissed that she has to give up mountain dew tho. lol

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