Jon Moody Makes Iconic Moves

i love jon moody as an artist and a wolf.
he comes off very genuine.
he truly has a gift when it comes to painting.
he is also fine af too.
his artwork has been featured on shows like “empire” and “star”.
well he just landed a major partnership and shared the video on his ig…
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What Can Solve My Problem (Righ Nah)

i don’t understand what is happening to the foxhole.
i’m puzzled.
jetpack for wordpress is puzzled.
there is no explanation to what is happening.
i don’t know if entries are showing up,
or not showing up.
the mobile foxhole looks different than the desktop.
i’m absolutely bewildered.
well i guess there is only one thing that might solve this issue…
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Beyonce Puts Fan In New Pepsi Commerical!

tumblr_mkxx7zqCFR1qzezcmo1_500so i know all you guys saw the video for “mirrors”:

her new pepsi commercial.
i liked the concept of putting her different looks throughout the years.
well she wanted more!
apparently she re-shot the video with a huge fan…

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