Beyonce Puts Fan In New Pepsi Commerical!

tumblr_mkxx7zqCFR1qzezcmo1_500so i know all you guys saw the video for “mirrors”:

her new pepsi commercial.
i liked the concept of putting her different looks throughout the years.
well she wanted more!
apparently she re-shot the video with a huge fan…


i guess that video was shot in the garage down the block?

lowkey: he was killin that choreo tho.
he put a hurtin on that 8 count.
boom kat would be so proud.

i do want him to move that ice cooler,
the bbq coals,
and the big gulp cup.
if you gonna put a video online,
make sure the set is clean.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “Beyonce Puts Fan In New Pepsi Commerical!”

  1. Weelllll alrighty then! He did good! I wasn’t expecting that at all. Everytime he clapped, I laughed a little inside. lol
    P.S. Please don’t let this be another repeat of “Single Ladies”. Everybody and their momma was making a video copying the choreography. lol

    1. Doesn’t she. She wasn’t as brutal in her own shows though. Diddy needs to bring Making the Band back. All seasons were entertaining except the 1st girls one

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