The Fine Ass Muthafucka With That Damn Baby and Those Two Hoes

tumblr_mkybp1Me3E1ql53d3o1_500on its first official day of spring,
or the first “damn it’s hot” day,
i decided to get dressed and head out.
let me ask you something, my reader.
you ever got it just right?
your mood is right
you look good.
your outfit looks and fits perfectly.
kicks go perfectly.
well that was me a couple of hours ago…

i wanted to go to best buy,
since after my last entry,
i wanted to see what meat they had.
as i’m walking towards it,
this wolf and 2 vixens were coming out a store next to it.
one of them had a baby so i assumed he was the baby daddy.
they stood on the sidewalk,
wondering which direction to go next.
the two vixens were backing me,
but he was looking in my direction as i was walking towards him.
he did the turn in my direction,
see me,
and then:

daddy looked like sex.
no cuff.

light skin.
chinky eyes.
small lips.
had this long piece of hair going from his chin.
(whatever it’s called fails me at the moment)
either way,
he was what i needed to get by.

tumblr_m3ifk8KTBI1rv6lnjo1_500he was just staring at me.
i was staring at him.
he was smiling at me.
i was smiling at him.
vixen 1 points at the baby cooing.
he breaks contact with me.
(saw he had these perfect white teeth)
i wept inside.

i go inside best buy and i’m looking around.
i wanted to check out the imacs.
even though i cannot afford one now,
i needed a reason to check out the wolves.
as expected,
there was fine wolves everywhere.
some had the snug fitted khaki’s on.
others been working out so you saw the details in the blue shirts.
then there was a lot who were just shopping.
with vixens.
i spoke to this one spanish wolf with light hazel eyes about the imac.
at that point,
didn’t give a fuck about the imac…

i3fACvaqiglp2as i’m looking at the video games,
this big siberian queen and his best vixen friend spotted me.
high school kids.
probably in best buy looking for what i’m looking for.
i go to one aisle,
they follow me to the next.
finally she walked up to me as i was looking at the kill bill blu ray:

“i don’t mean to offend you…”

i knew where this was going.

“…but my friend thinks you are really cute.”

i told her to tell him thank you.
i was flattered.

i wasn’t going to be rude or diss the boy.
to him,
i was his “wolf”.
i was also his:

“fine ass muthafucka
with that damn baby
and those two hoes”

that should make me feel good about myself.
i’m sure on my “i feel ugly” days,
i will forget this moment even happened.
all that went through my head when they walked away…
why couldn’t the wolf outside be that bold?
in a perfect world, right?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

15 thoughts on “The Fine Ass Muthafucka With That Damn Baby and Those Two Hoes”

  1. Go head boi, but I know you felt insulted and flattered at the same time.They are usually more bolder than discreet and down low guys, sadly. That’s where I give queens their props, I guess they do it cause they do not have nothing to lose. We just have to find a way to be that bold.

    I wish the dude I wanted was that bold lol. I know he gets down. We just have been eyeing each other the whole semester, but he will not talk to me. I told a homie of mine that as big as he is that scared of me. I want to talk to him, but I look at those arms and say “hell no” His arms are as big as JJ’s over there. If I’m wrong, his short ass will beat the fuck outta me, and you know short men are serious about their masculinity lol. I’ll have to step on him.

    1. ^well I was talking to someone about it and he said that even though I’m attractive,
      my facial expression comes off mean.
      i don’t mean to look that way.
      that actually hurt.
      usually when I see someone in person I’m attracted too,
      i get nervous and try to not “show it”.
      i guess it’s coming off mean LOL
      ill try to work on it.

      1. So I guess you are supposed to walk around with a big smile on you face? I guess if you try and look more nice by smiling you will come off as fruity lol. That’s the way it works. You are dammed if you do and dammed if you don’t.

  2. light skin.
    chinky eyes.
    small lips.

    🙂 ps, your Wolfie might just be a big bottom and think YOU are the Dark wolf that will pipe him down

    1. ^I guess every attractive man is a bottom.
      maybe the ones I find attractive.
      we have to fuck the fat and ugly because those are usually tops right?

      funny enough,
      you look attractive in your pictures.
      i thought you were handsome so I guess that means you are a big ol pipe lovin’ bottom too.

        1. ^mofos in this lifestyle piss me off with that shit.
          you get punished because you actually like good looking men.
          people so use to bottoms suckin and fuckin dirty,
          big bellied bottom of the barrel on xtube that they think everyone deserves that fate.
          get all the fine attractive dudes.
          they turn out all the muscular sexy dudes because it just “happens” that way.

          … the fuck out my whole face with that bs.

      1. I’m not picky, but I need my man to look a certain way. He doesn’t have to be tall and muscular and a 10 in the face, but at least give me a cute face and a sexy small frame.They can call me shallow all they want lol.

        1. ^ill be honest,
          im attracted to a nice face first and foremost.
          then I scan the body.
          my man doesn’t need to look like a perfect sculpture,
          but he damn sure needs to make me hard when I see him/thank about him.
          type of mofo that only gotta sneeze and I’m like “get naked”.

  3. I live for this moment. When it all comes together, Sounds like you had a bomb as day. Big upz Jay *nerd smile*

  4. First Lady D knows if one his frat bros wanted to get in that tight ass after a stroll he would be buying that Fleet. Please

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