tumblr_lp8bqu6FeO1qzu681it has been a quiet couple of days from the last entry.
no music.
no energy.
just me.
i have been out if it.
i didn’t feel depressed tho.
maybe shock?
my mind has been a total blank.
i looked at my laptop,
wanted to open it,
but had nothing to say.
it was like i had to deliver a speech and forgot all the words.
i’ve actually had a lot of things to write about,
foxmails to answer,
and cute wolves for review
well that was before i was called in the office again friday.
yes the fuck shit for jamari fox continues…
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The Snake in My Paradise

tumblr_mm6j76fLj51qaksv8o1_500today is an absolutely beautiful day.
i decided to take a walk and clear my head.
i put my headphones on and listened to amerie’s “all i have”,
r. kelly’s “r.kelly”,
and fantasia’s new one.
perfect spring albums.
i got my hair cut,
sat in the park,
had some “me” time,
went and bought some groceries,
and bought this…

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The Fine Ass Muthafucka With That Damn Baby and Those Two Hoes

tumblr_mkybp1Me3E1ql53d3o1_500on its first official day of spring,
or the first “damn it’s hot” day,
i decided to get dressed and head out.
let me ask you something, my reader.
you ever got it just right?
your mood is right
you look good.
your outfit looks and fits perfectly.
kicks go perfectly.
well that was me a couple of hours ago…

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