LE LUXE LE FOX: Spring Forward 2014

tumblr_m571r0BasS1r3a6jho1_500spring is here.
allergies soon after.
it came last friday and it couldn’t have been more welcomed.
in this welcoming of spring,
its bout that time.
time to “throw away” old things that are not needed.

tumblr_mrhpcoaLrm1qa4iv8o3_500time to go through your phone and get to erasing.
*hands you your phone*
this is for your own good.
everyone who you don’t talk to anymore,
had relations with and ended,
or anyone who is just useless in your life
i’m signing off on their departure.
stop being a hoarder for people who are trash.
having 700 contacts in your phone,
and you only speak to 100 of them,
is really counter-productive.
i’m honestly here to tell ya.
let em go.


36da8e9c26a3d24391de0dfded7c306dtime to clean out that closet.
yes the one you live in as well,
but we’ll stick to clothes this go round.
you see all the clothes you have that are season’s old?
toss em.
time to start fresh with a new wardrobe.
here is a tip when you buy new clothes.
i did this today with my new additions.
so i bought 4 shirts from h&m yesterday.
which means that 4 old shirts that were in my closet got tossed.
old like couple seasons old.
i bought 1 new pair of slacks and removed an old one.
i put them all in a bag and they’re off to the charity box.
not only are you doing a good deed,
but you made room for the “new”.
don’t you always want new better shit?


imageswell you could do that,
or you could really give your whole situation a new cleaning session.
meaning mop the floor,
clean your bathroom,
change your bed sheets,
move your bed around,
and get the “winter” out.
you take selfies in a dirty bedroom.

complete vio.
so get a broom,
open ya windows,
and blast some 90s r&b at extremely loud volumes.
time to change your fur for a new better season ahead.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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