My Date “After Midnight”

i took a shower in my expensive soap,
sprayed some prada on my skin,
and put on something real sexy.
did i mention the date was at 8pm?

so one of my wolfie readers,
who has always come through for me,
sent me a ticket this week to attend a broadway show.
“after midnight” which stars toni braxton and babyface.

Toni Braxton and Kenny "Babyface" Edmonds Curtain Call in "After Midnight" on Broadway-NYthe play was down in tourist trap bka times square.
i left my spot on time,
like 7ish,
only to be delayed by a sick passenger.
when i got to ts at like 745,
it was crowded like fuck since it was like 60 degrees.
and kiddies.
walking slow and sight seeing.
ended up having to yell at this one old couple for stopping randomly in front of me.

something like that.

after i power walked to the theater,
the line was absolutely disrespectful.
“around the corner” types of disrespect.
i blamed the old couple in my head as i walked to the end of the line.
when i got in,
the usher escorted me to my seat.
i was like 5 seats up from the stage.
perfect view.
the theater filled up fast.
kind of older crowd.
coupled up.
i felt like the youngest person in the room.
definitely the late 80s-early 90s r&b crowd.
mostly black,
but A LOT of whites.
cultured crowd.
not a hoodrat in sight.
just how i like it.

334m51hjpgthe show was great!!!!
babyface looks so good.
toni even better.
the show was a revue that revolved around jazz,
celebrating the legendary cotton club in harlem world,
that era of the 20s-40s,
and the artists who performed there.
lena horne.
duke ellington.
cab calloway.
there were different singing monologues with various set and costume changes.
the live band took you back in time,
the energy was contagious,
and every performer sang and danced their asses off.
not a beat,
or note was missed.
toni had about 4 solos,
while babyface was the host with about 7.
one thing i love is when black folks get into a production.
listen we get into it!
the audience participation and cheers gave me the chills,
especially when babyface and toni came out for the first time.
i felt so happy that i almost cried.

when it was over,
i gave some money to their broadway cares fund for aids.
giving back for all the blessings i have received.
although i loved going alone,
i wish i had a wolf that i could have done something with after.
going to a bar,
getting a drink,
and just talking.
perfect ending.
well i did go end my budget dropping 73 dollars at h&m on work clothes after.

SHOPPING4 shirts.
1 pants.
1 cardigan.
1 pair of socks.
1 bowtie.
shit i work hard and had the 2 years from hell.
i deserve a lot of happy.
aside from that,
i had an amazing time.

AFTERMIDNIGHTlowkey: i want to go to more broadway shows.
just a note to self.

Author: jamari fox

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19 thoughts on “My Date “After Midnight””

  1. So glad you enjoyed yourself, J. Every detail you gave made me feel like I was right there with you! May you experience many more nights like this one…with a foine sexcy WOLF on your shoulders!!!!! 😉

  2. As I read this Pharrell’s song Happy played in my mind. I was delighted to hear that you’re out and about LIVING. MAN GOD IS SO GOOD almost brought TEARS to my eyes because while you were going through your hardship so was I and GOD seen ne through as well. Keep on smiling and KEEP on living you deserve every blessing, every pleasant surprise every seed of encouragement that you have and will continue to receive GOD bless you #PROUD SN: I had to snap on someone I thought was a friend this week also so hearing about you yell at the couple had me cracking up

    1. ^thank you so much!
      how ironic I listened to “happy” on the way down there.
      i felt just that.
      you already know the struggles I’ve been through.
      i caught myself wishing I could text star fox to tell him…

      ugh they get on my nerves in TS.
      i nearly fell over them with that random stop.
      like no look back or move to the side???

  3. Glad you had fun although I take offense at the 80s 90s R&B Crowd. LOL. One day somebody is going to look at you and say Ewwww the 00’s, 10s Neo Soul Crowd.

    1. ^LOL!
      even still I love being around cultured black people in abundance!
      this one lady got up and was dancing with the man playing with trumpet.
      she was gettin it!

  4. Glad you had a good time. I like broadway shows and plays as well, they are better than movies.

    1. ^nooooo i wish!
      i need to get to the point where I can go backstage and talk with the actors.
      I really wanted to tell everyone what a good job they did.

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