toni braxton and birdman have a big announcement

i guess he stopped making her high.
because i figured she was on some kind of drug.
so according to reports,
toni braxton and birdman are over.
i know,
i know.
i was expecting them to make it.
so he wrote “it’s over” before erasing his entire ig…
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Toni Braxton and Birdman’s Big Secret Comes To The Light?

^this is the only secret i want to know about from toni.
so today,
a vicious rumor was being spread:


i nearly threw up.
i mean,
her bag is definitely secured,
but really?
toni braxton,
the legend,
i kept my nose in this story all day.
i needed answers.
this is the statement about the alleged wedding via “us weekly”

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I Hope Royal G Doesn’t Suffer From “Deadwood”

take that as you will…
speaking of foto 119,
and sexual chocolate,
i have been loving royal g on snapchat.
he is a foxhole fav.
he has a cool personality on there,
plus and not to mention all the random bawdy shots.
well royal g has been moving on up.
he is going to be in the new toni braxton video for “deadwood”.
it is directed by another foto 119 alum,
bille woodruff.
this is a quick bts
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Put Some Respek On This Relationship

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 10.14.30 PMis toni braxton broke again?
that is the only explanation for this.

according to tmz,
she is allegedly dating birdman.
mr “croooooooo…
what happened to that boy?”
mr “put some respeck on my name”.

didn’t keyshia cole molly whop some snow bunny over birdman?
toni watch out!

lowkey: first sanaa and french montana,
and now this…