I Hope Royal G Doesn’t Suffer From “Deadwood”

take that as you will…
speaking of foto 119,
and sexual chocolate,
i have been loving royal g on snapchat.
he is a foxhole fav.
he has a cool personality on there,
plus and not to mention all the random bawdy shots.
well royal g has been moving on up.
he is going to be in the new toni braxton video for “deadwood”.
it is directed by another foto 119 alum,
bille woodruff.
this is a quick bts

his facial is so sexy af to me.
he would just have to look at me and i’d be riding his


i saw royal’s snaps when he was bts.
he was really happy and even thank God for the opportunity.
this appears to be the outfit he wore in the video:

don’t worry,
royal g still looks good under his fur:


lowkey: look who he was working out with recently…
derek t,
that other trainer wolf they thought he was smashing,
george hill,
and now royal g?

is steven beck the “kim kardashian” of attentionistos?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “I Hope Royal G Doesn’t Suffer From “Deadwood””

  1. I really like him a lot, he seems really cool. I do not want to jump the gun tho. A lot of these dudes got something going on that makes them unflattering.

  2. All “IG famous” hang out with each other for clout, nothing more nothing less. The “friendships” are solely superficial. Steven even captioned a pic of them in his story as “the most Legendary collab of the century” LMAO.

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