Someone Tell Jason Mitchell To Take It “Eazy” (I Couldn’t Resist)

i thought the wolf who played “eazy-e” in “straight outta compton” was cute.
he was a good actor in the film.
his name is jason mitchell.
i haven’t heard anything else about him since that movie.
well up pops him on tmz acting a damn fool on delta airlines

this is what “tmz” had to say:

The guy who played Eazy-E in “Straight Outta Compton” had a complete meltdown Sunday on a Delta flight … because the airline double booked his seat.

TMZ obtained video of Jason Mitchell going insane after he realized someone was already sitting in his first class seat when he boarded the plane

It’s pretty wild — you see Mitchell cussing out flight attendants and the pilot. He even calls him a “pussy” and then unleashes a bunch of “f*** yous” to everyone in earshot

Eyewitnesses say Mitchell eventually got off the plane, but not before cops had to get involved. Law enforcement sources tell us … Mitchell was cuffed and detained when he finally left the aircraft, but Delta refused to press charges and he was released.

did it require alla that?
a simple “showing of your receipt” would have solved this issue.
the way i view things,
if he can get mad so quick at that…

What other minor shit would tick him off?

someone get him an effexor,
like 17 hours ago.

lowkey: whenever someone says they got “anger” issues,
that is your que to bolt.

article: tmz

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “Someone Tell Jason Mitchell To Take It “Eazy” (I Couldn’t Resist)

    1. You know any time somebody gets a little “rowdy” they see it as terrorist and pretend to get scared.

  1. I understand how he feels. They are patronize him and he did not accept that. An Angry Black Man in First Class being right! The airline was wrong and handled it wrong. The Flight attendant was wrong when she announced,” The Police are on the way everything will soon be here soon hand have the situation under control shortly.” Clearly shifting the issue to he being the problem instead of they messed up. I think he held it together very well under the circumstances. jmho.

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