Malia Obama: A Cub In The Harvard Wild

malia obama is going to have a hard time adjusting in the wild.
i can feel it.
i know the whole harvard is abuzz since she touched down to attend school.
well some old she-hyena wanted a picture with malia and her grand-cub.
an f-bi sent me how she responded via tmz

Eyewitnesses tell TMZ, Malia was in Harvard Square with a friend. As she approached a salad shop, a woman ran up to her and said she wanted a photo for her grandchild. We’re told Malia politely declined.

The grandma was undeterred and staked out the salad joint, waiting for Malia to leave. When she did, we’re told the grandma trained her camera on the former First Daughter and Malia fired back, “Are you gonna take it in my face like an animal in a cage?”

An eyewitness said the grandma ended up getting the photo.

first of all,
i’m not with that old she-hyena stalking her outside the store.
doing too much if she already said “no”.
malia is gonna have to understand she is a big deal by association.
she is the daughter to one of the best presidents we ever had.
in this age of social media,
and “the best viral photo wins”,
she is just gonna have to deal with it.
like i told the f-bi who sent me the pic,
she’ll have to simply call postmates.

lowkey: sasha,
her sister,
looks like she won’t be having any of that.

she looks like she will curse you the fuck out.

article taken: tmz

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

3 thoughts on “Malia Obama: A Cub In The Harvard Wild

  1. Clap back Malia. You know that woman was WHITE, as a Blk she would have gotten the black person nod and kept it moving.

    1. Nothing but a white, entitled liberal!

      Plus it’s just weird. Malia isn’t a celebrity and she hasn’t done anything. Why do you want a picture with her?

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