Look What You Made Me Do

there are some songs that others cannot stand,
but for whatever reason,
i’m a big fan.
the lyrics usually relate to a situation i’m dealing with.
that would be that new taylor swift song,
“look what you made me do”.
taylor swift.
an artist we aren’t suppose to like.
i saw the video today and…


…i fuckin’ love it.
own yo shit ts!

this past couple years have been a doozy.
my entire life it seems.
some of it,
it was my own doing.
other shit,
i was around folks who didn’t have my back.
it’s life and i’m far from perfect.
this song came about in a time that i evolved into a new fox.
after the fucked up jobs and the “work wolves”,
i am now in a stronger place.
they all tried to ruin my reputation,
and it did take a hit,
but i rose from the dead with a whole new life plan.
i glo’d up in every way,
and form.
i’m coming for anyone who tries to play me.
fuck feelings because many haven’t cared about mine.
i’ll keep my petty on lock with minor shit.
even my petty is exclusive.
other shit tho?

Look What You Made Me Do

…in the biggest “fuck you” of way possible.
this new era of my life is going to be a good one.

low-key: i tend to see things deeper than they are.
if i can apply it to my life,
and it feels like therapy in some way,
then i’ll allow it.
taylor may have a completely different interpretation.
you as well.
that’s the beauty of art.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “Look What You Made Me Do”

  1. I’m not a fan of her music but there’s something about her that I like. She’s the real life “Gone Girl.” People seem to forget that Kanye came for his girl when she was still a teenager and he was a grown ass man in his thirties. He stole her moment, he mentioned her name in a song. When has she ever come for him first. So if we’re excusing his behavior and still blaming it on his mother’s death all these years later, she’s allowed to drag him for whatever happened back then.

    1. ^everyone made her the enemy when he disrespected her.
      he walked up on that stage and ruined her moment.
      everyone is mad at her…
      for what?

      he turned on the same beyonce years later.
      so much so,
      jay and b don’t even fuck with him.

  2. The difference between Kanye and Taylor (and it huge) is Kanye is sincere, love him or hate him he is authentically himself. Taylor is not the person she pretends to be, her veneer is wearing thin and for those that see the mean girl in nice girl clothes, are just waiting for her to slip up. That’s what was so big about Kim’s Snapchat of her conversation with Kanye. It showed the Taylor many have seen simmering under the suface. I am not a hater; I think she is very talented, but if she falls or makes misstep don’t expect people to be rooting for a comeback like they did for Britney.
    Let’s see how her fergie impersonation of a single does.

  3. I liked it. She owned the whole snake thing too.

    Black people honestly kill me with that he made Taylor Swift famous. She was moving records in country music way before the Kanye fiasco.

    Going pop was even smarter because those country fans basically followed her.

    People hate her because she’s white, pretty, and “appears” non threatening therefore she dominates the market she’s in.

    Don’t hate. Go out and support our own and maybe they can actually compete with Taylor Swift’s record sales.

    Minorities are not necessarily her target fan base and she honestly doesn’t need their support.

    I watched this video grow to 10 million views in about three hours flat.

    She might be a mediocre entertainer to us, but so was Britney and many other successful white acts before her. At least she writes her music.

    1. I think she would get less hate if she didn’t come across as fake. Brittney has always been sweet, very and approachable and charming. Compare Brittney to Christina. Brittney isn’t as talented but the likability factor makes up for a lot, that’s probably why she is still doing so much better than Christina who comes across as fake and arrogant.
      Ultimately I don’t care too much, except I know I am going to hear that new song nonstop and I don’t care for it. Like why is she doing a pseudo rap thing… shrugs

    2. @Jay: THIS..”Go out and support our own and maybe they can actually compete with Taylor Swift’s record sales”…IS TRUTH (and I do). I don’t know ’bout that pretty, tho. I tend to agree with @Mansur about Taylor.

  4. Man fvck Taylor Swift yal over here coining for that heaux. She’s a whole liar in these streets. Talking about she didn’t approve Kanye to say things about her in the Famous song then Kim released the tapes on that ass. And she felt di dumb. And went into hiding. She’s so fake. Trying to block Katy Perry money cause she don’t like her out of nowhere. And I really hate this stupid trick for takink her music off Spotify talking about she don’t think it’s right for ppl to listen for free. But when them sales and streams started to suck on a paying service her ass came crawling the fvck back. Mann if she don’t gone head with that “too sexy for my shirt” ass song.. I love yal but seriously fvck Taylor. She use to be my girl and she let me down like Chris Brown.

  5. I am not a fan of her music, but I have always respected how professionally she carried herself at such a young age. She seems to be able to balance continuing her passion as a singer songwriter with the “Taylor Swift” product that is marketed as a pop brand, and doing it all while growing up in the spotlight. The lyrics reminds me of someone who got burned, learned and it about to turn that lesson into multi platinum record sales.

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