Looking For This Wolf…

Would the owner of this body…..

…. CUM see me.

I repeat,
Would the owner of this body,
please CUM ON IN…. and see me.

… and when you do CUM to see me,
I request you wear Timbz, a wife beater, boxer briefs, and a fitted.
It’ll be a long night so drink plenty of fluids because you will be handcuffed for a while.

e-mail contact is on the —–>

Thank you.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “Looking For This Wolf…”

    1. Hey Lady!

      I kind of added an “effect” to it but trust me when I say, I did not have to do much. His body is beyond perfect!

      1. Comment to everyone: Wouldn’t it be oh-so-wonderful if his dick was the size of a rubber thumb? Would I be wrong to say I would try to make it work?

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