1 Heart For Rent.

“Silly Bitch IN Love…” – Olivia, Olivia

The one thing we all chase.
The one thing we all want.
The one thing the best songs are based on.

One thing we OBSESS for.

The one thing that is the easiest to say we want, but the hardest to do when we “find” it.
Why even chase something that YOU do not know how to handle?

“Falling in love has become TOO mainstream.”
– Jamari Fox

I have a friend who falls in love way to quick.
I mean, head over heels in love with niggas he meets on the first chat/meet.
Jumping into relationships like a game of hop scotch.
Jumping to one nigga to the next.
As usual,
it never works out because “love” isn’t a quick thing to achieve.

Or is it just a situation of “want” or “need” that he hopes will turn into “love”?

Apparently he has found a boyfriend who is in love with him,
only knowing him for 1 week.

Sounds like candy that will turn sour really quick.


Why do gay men always want to be in LOVE…. but never work to make it work?
Let’s talk about EVERY lifestyle actually.
People always want to find this breathless mind-blowing love and then get mad when they get hurt.

Want to cry, kick, scream, and play this victim…

But they never tell you exactly how they played a part in the bullshit.

never tells you how he jumped head first into something without becoming friends.
He never tells you how he didn’t pay attention to the red flags.
Or he never tells you how he went on that “feeling” of being wanted,
rather than looking at the bigger picture, preferably the i-MAX of issues.

Don’t even get me started on how the “bomb ass sex” was the icing on the cake.

What happened to become friends?
Taking it slow?
If you fuck,
you fuck.
It wasn’t something “forced”….
And that’s another issue right there.
Using sex as a propositional tool for love.

Rarely that fucking EVER works.

Love is something that builds over time.
You can’t pressure someone to be in love.
You just can’t.

It is a shame.

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Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

3 thoughts on “1 Heart For Rent.”

  1. sometimes we are just afraid to be alone with all that means and what you are talking about applies to lesbians as well

    1. You made a very good point. It’s that fear of being alone that makes us do the things we do. I, for one, have learned to love me in those times I was “alone” and now I know what I want and know how to take it slow. That blog applies to everyone.

  2. Ugh. So true. There is a huge difference between being into a guy… and NOT being into being ALONE. Or at least being in love with the IDEA of being in love.

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