Is there anyone worth fucking that is in the Combine this year? This is where I first saw Devin’s sexy ass. Speaking of Devin, his Twitter name is erased. What is going on?

Not like he was on it anyway.


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9 thoughts on “Wondering….”

  1. I asked my boi about his twitter and he said his “girl” got ahold of his cellphone and deleted all his text as well as twitter…… hmmmmm

  2. word at the combine was…..Tim Tebow ass got alot of attetnion,comments in the locker room and who is going to get a shot of it first down the road…..

  3. Dez Bryant, I don’t think he is working out at Combine due to his hamstring injury, but I just thought I would put a plug in for him. I will be watching a lot of him and hope he gets drafted. In the meantime, his Under Armour commercial is on REPEAT on my DVR. LOL. I WILL do anything he wants got dammit! OMFG that swagga! Yes I WILL!


    1. Dayum look at that ASSSSSS y’all! And the glimpse of the DICK is just enough to keep me leakin’ all fuckin day long!!!

  4. and for the RECORD no reason to droll over Chad Johnson short clip out unless you are watching the ass….. average d#*k at best and not very thick which only makes it look smaller on his well defined body.

    1. I didn’t get to see it…. And it is sad when u are built like a champion but your dick is still an amatuer. I hope he knows how to slang her. I heard conflicting dick reports on Ocho Cinco…

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