“a muscular and naked angel dropped out the sky and starts walking towards your car…”

“you let him inside because he needed a ride and then…

You let him inside
If you catch my drift…

what would you do if you were driving around in florida,
minding your business and the road ahead,
and a naked male with ^that kind of bawdy was on the sidewalk?
in a fantasy perspective,
that is how most flixxx start.
in reality,
that is how folks end up being on the news like this jackal…

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i can’t deal with the identity politics with some of these folks


…but steven has no respect for anyone else which is interesting.
this is what drives me crazy with some folks.
they will introduce themselves with what they identify themselves as,
but they refuse to introduce us to who they are behind all of that.
i’m a black gay man and when i meet anyone:

My name is Jamari,
nice to meet you.”

that’s it.
my sexuality isn’t the defining factor as a whole.

I cannot deal with identity politics.

the new press secretary,
karine jean-pierre,
did it with her briefing yesterday.
she said…

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i love spotify but Lawd knows i’m tired of the podcast hype.
the joe rogan experience“,
a podcast hosted by joe rogan on spotify,
has been causing so much confusion.
i don’t listen and i only know joe from his days on “fear factor”.
he gave his views on a recent podcast about being black in africa and…


marco paris is a n*gga from a white mama and a cuban daddy

i had a white friend who found out he was 1% black from his ancestory.com results.
this mofo thought he was an honorary black person,
and related with black culture because he listened to hip hop,
but his past social medias showed me never hung with black folks.
needless to say,
he turned very white and passive-aggressive when we had a disagreement.

White folks want to be black until…

the foxhole has been blowing up about the owner of raw strokes(?),
marco paris.
i don’t follow him so i didn’t know he was the owner.
judging from his socials,
he loves smashin’ his negros.
marco claims he is black and calls himself and others the “n” word.
i’m gonna dump everything that landed on my desk…

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black, gay, and un-jabbed: the trifecta of tribulation

for a while,
i was holding out on getting the jab.
i wasn’t an anti-jabbed civilian who never wanted to get it,
but i had a lot of questions that weren’t getting answered.
i was actually waiting for it to be fda approved.
even though i wasn’t jabbed,
i was on my p&qs.

Mask on
Social distancing
Staying away from large crowds
Don’t even look at me

that was all good until new yawk dropped this bomb on the city…

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being black in corporate is a scam (pass it on)

if this panny has taught me anything,
i’ve learned that i can’t do corporate anymore.
i iz tied massa.
i’ve been in corporate for close to 10 years and my cup runneth empty.
ya’ll cups runneth empty to the way everyone is protesting going back into an office again.
i felt what my sista,
jasmine gardens,
was talmbout when she posted this video on her ig:


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why would you want to go back to jobs where folks are going to cry in the bathroom?

Why is it okay to be pushed to the point that you’re crying at work??!?!

i couldn’t believe that behavior was coming from bosses i thought were cool too.

everyone thinks white corporate is a shit show,

but i’ve learned black corporate is just as worst tbh.
it doesn’t get any better on that side of town either.
this doesn’t apply to all jobs,
but this is my experience

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