i can’t deal with the identity politics with some of these folks


…but steven has no respect for anyone else which is interesting.
this is what drives me crazy with some folks.
they will introduce themselves with what they identify themselves as,
but they refuse to introduce us to who they are behind all of that.
i’m a black gay man and when i meet anyone:

My name is Jamari,
nice to meet you.”

that’s it.
my sexuality isn’t the defining factor as a whole.

I cannot deal with identity politics.

the new press secretary,
karine jean-pierre,
did it with her briefing yesterday.
she said…

me too sis now go do your job.

she was hired to be the press secretary.
i highly doubt she will have any input than that.
that doesn’t grant her immunity either.

i’ll tell you why none of that matters to this society.
the thing they keep hidden from us.

The moment you do/say something people don’t like,
you can’t change iniquities for those particular group(s),
or stay silent on issues that involve groups you identify with,
the public will turn on you.

if she can’t do anything for blacks,
or gays when something goes down,
some of these fake folks will throw her under the bus.
the problem with society is some people are looking for a leader.
when you proclaim “this is who i am!“,
with your whole chest out,
and you can’t come through than brief a room full of reporters:

not only that…

How you identify yourself doesn’t let the world know if you’re an asshole or not.

thats the real discussion tbh.

lowkey: her spouse is white vixen as well.
( x see here )
you know thats where the first issue will start.
eta: her spouse,
suzanne malveaux,
is biracial and identifies as black.

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18 thoughts on “i can’t deal with the identity politics with some of these folks”

  1. I can see both sides of this and I agree with both sides. Sometimes identity politics can be too much with everyone looking to get press and fame off it then other times it’s important to be clear so we know what we are dealing with. We knew nothing of press secretaries until Scandal so I hope Ms. Jean-Pierre keeps it that way. Acknowledging who you are is never a bad thing. This is a win for us all not just women because I would love to be or see a black gay man take up space down at Capital Hill. It is sad that there always seems to be the first black or first gay this or that but that’s the unfortunate result of being shut out for so long. I love to see us spots and outcasts mingling with the whites and straights.

    Congrats to her!

  2. Be careful what you wish for. If groups cease demanding representation, they’ll default back to all straight heterosexual white males doing everything and never mentioning anyone but people like themselves.

    Be very careful.

  3. RePrEsEnTaTiOn MaTtErS!!!!

    I’m so sick and tired of people spouting that tired-ass, nothing burger of a platitude…

    Representation doesn’t and can’t matter when said representation is perpetuating the systems that oppress us. Because if ALL it took was blacks (and other non-whites too, but we’re keeping the convo centered around black people right now) “taking up space” (another dumb meaningless platitude), then Clarence Thomas being a Supreme Court Judge would matter and meaning something.
    Sure, he’s a trailblazer, but it doesn’t mean that it’s a win for all black people.

    Kamala Harris, a biracial woman that black people love calling “black”, is another example. She specifically stated that she “wasn’t going to do anything specifically for black people.” That speaks for itself and needs no further elaboration.

    So, miss me with it. Identity politics has run its course. It’s now time for people to start “identifying” with the work that needs to be done because people are fucking hurting and struggling out here.

    1. I’m sick and tired of the argument that pushing for representation means that you somehow think other things don’t matter. Representation matters, but it’s not all that matters. Who’s arguing that? Come on, now.

      Again, identity politics will always be a thing as long as there are cis (yes, I said CIS), straight, white men dominating everything. I swear some of you people talk like you graduated from Trump University School of Headassery with bullshit Republican talking points.

      1. “I’m sick and tired of the argument that pushing for representation means that you somehow think other things don’t matter. Representation matters, but it’s not all that matters. Who’s arguing that? Come on, now.”

        People make this argue because THAT’S ALL REPRESENTATION HAS BECOME!!! Can’t you fucking see that…?! The establishment has hijacked and co-opted this push for diversity in such a way that it maintains the status quo. Mark my words when whites are an official minority in the U.S. and you have your “first black gay this” and the “first black disabled that” in the U.S. government, black people will have no social, political, or economic power and no wealth in the year 2053. Mark my fucking words…

        “I swear some of you people talk like you graduated from Trump University School of Headassery with bullshit Republican talking points.”

        Dark, if you’re reading this and still think I’m some Trump loving Republican, I honestly can’t help you…

        1. I don’t get it. We commended the Obamas and the lack of scandal during their era. We revered the Cosby Show and A Different World. We celebrated Black Panther, as well as Ketanji Brown Jackson’s ascension to the Supreme Court. We understand that visual representation is important.

          Most smart people understand, though, that optics are just one piece of the puzzle. Optics won’t eliminate racism; we all know that. I really don’t understand the critique of Karine. She merely noted the importance of the moment and, by all indications, has kept it moving. What’s the issue?

  4. Representation matters. She’s acknowledging that she’s broken a ceiling and showing others like her that it can be done. She’s not harping on it, and I’m sure her job will be her 100% focus. We complain about people playing identity politics, but let’s not forget who created the need to do it in the first place.

  5. It sounds like a personal problem, Jamari.

    Her parents wanted better for her and look where she is now.

    Acknowledging what worked against her but didn’t stop her, it is 100% in her right to acknowledge it.

    I can’t wait until you are that globally known dude, for me to say “The first gay Caribbean blogger…” so you can be pressed. Get over it.

    This will inspire many young women.

    1. ^ thats the thing.
      people are saying it.
      the day i say something folks don’t agree with,
      i’m “canceled”.

      i hope you are having a good day seli.
      you seem off today but i could be wrong.

  6. I’m glad she mentioned it and got it out the way.For the last week since they announced she got the job every article,social media post and discussion on talk shows has mentioned she is making history as the first Black, openly gay press secretary.

    Representation matters and hopefully she will inspire other young black, openly gay women to dream bigger by showing what’s possible when they live their authentic life, out and proud.

    My only concern is her partner,Suzanne is a journalist at CNN so I know some people may try to accuse her of conflict of interest even though Suzanne doesn’t cover the White House.

    1. ^ everyone is always making history as something these days.
      it seems to lose its luster as a while.
      i want to see how she handles this position first.

  7. First of all she is the White House press secretary. This isn’t about her or her personal beliefs. She speaks on behalf of the President and should be void of her own commentary based off her life. What did we know about the previous press secretaries before her? Absolutely nothing. And that’s how it should be.

    1. ^ this is what i mean.
      it’s not like she is a politician.
      even with them,
      i’m tired of them using these identities to make folks vote for them.

      when i did front desk,
      my job was to not be my own identity besides the help to the bosses,
      and president of the company.

  8. Weird cos I have watched her for years on MSNBC and found her to be competent, intelligent, and pretty. I had no idea she was gay and did not care. This is indeed the new method of introducing yourself. I prefer you do your job and let it speak for itself. I really do not care who you sleep with unless I want to sleep with you. On the other hand , it is important for representation , to be visible and for young girls and boys to know that they too ( if feeling marginalized and alienated) can and do have a voice.

    The Biden Administration is very big on Advertising a person’s Racial and Sexual identify. Kamala Harris (who I saw as smart, assertive , strong Black woman) became Kamala Harris “the first Asian / Woman vice President “.I just thought it was so inauthentic just to label her that way.

  9. She needed to say it and embrace it in context, so she could move forward. Otherwise, it would have been the 800 pound gorilla in the room which conservative media would spend another day examining. We heard it from HER after days of conversation about it. Well done.

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