troy woolfolk has become the divorced dilf everyone wants to smash?

troy woolfolk.
he is known as “the vegan wolf” but is also know for his plump backside.
i spoke about it ( x here ).
ironically it’s his facial for me in this video:

well after all the “happy family” highlight reels,
troy and his wife came to an end last year.
i feel a lot of relations ending during the panny tbh.
troy has taken his social media as the divorced dad.
“the dilf
he hasn’t been shy about still showing off the goods…

he did a collab with attentionsito,
flashmade wade,

flashman wade still has the bigger tail.
sorry troy.

troy is clearly looking to promote being vegan and someone new to smash.
if he hasn’t found someone to smash yet.
i’m sure his dms blew tf up once he revealed he was divorced.

The hoes were hungry and I’m sure he had something that wasn’t vegan to feed them.

is onlyfans next?
stay tuned.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

3 thoughts on “troy woolfolk has become the divorced dilf everyone wants to smash?”

  1. Alright Jamari. The free promo for straight men has to end at some point.
    Book an interview with somebody gays have actually heard about with something to promote.
    You have the reach and influence.

    1. ^ actually he is very kind and has spoken to me on many occasions.
      you might not know him but he is known.
      funny enough,
      i’ve posted and written about countless gay males “in the spotlight” and when i reached out,
      some were very rude and ignored me.

      this is why i tell folks that people will always have a problem with what you do.
      there is no winning.

      1. Catty ass gays strike again! Smdh

        This man is too gotdamn fine. Like damn, he look like he got pretty toes too. I forgot about him but I’ll definitely be adding him on the gram.

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