troy woolfolk is on the “dilf” checklists with his ig videos

i love a good dad.
i love a fine one too.
ex pre-baller wolf,
troy woolfolk,
is pretty much 2 outta 2.

as you know,
troy loves to dance while feeding his daughter:

well he put up another “dance feeding” video yesterday and well…

i love it.
you know he is gonna show out at the “father/daughter” dances.

i love he never wears a shirt in his videos.
even though he’s wearing a shirt in this one:

there is something really sexy about a wolf who is involved with his kid(s).
troy is definitely on dilf stats.
he has a great face & bawdy.


but that tail of his…

i don’t know how his wife does it.

lowkey: has troy done tv?
he needs to…

video and picture cc: troy woolfolk

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “troy woolfolk is on the “dilf” checklists with his ig videos”

  1. Well, this being my cousin… I can speak to the fact that he’s this way BOTH on and off of the camera with his daughter. Idk why people in the comments are so hateful. “He’s doing this for clout.” “He’s using his daughter.” “He’s average.” Why are y’all so mad? If he’s average and annoying, stay off of his page and why even bother commenting? His father was in the NFL, and he was on his way too, so of course he is going to keep his body up.

    How do y’all look behind the keyboard?

  2. While I dont think he’s average and think he’s a very attractive dude, these type of men come a dime a dozen…and I remember Jamari posting about him before if Im not mistaken, and he had his daughter in the video again. I think he was dancing for her to a childrens song, but just like this, I got the feeling that he was doing it for attention and just using his daughter for clout, like “Im doing this for her” No sir, your doing this for the many people that will drool and get their life looking at you dance semi nude and your ass jiggling. Which granted, is nice to look at, but leave the girl out of it. I would respect him much more had he made a video by himself, atleast it would be genuine. Just be who you are, an asshole, a dick, cocky, conceited, shy, nerdy, feminine, masculine, freaky, WHATEVER…just be honest about yourself and your intentions. Thats all I ask, lol

  3. Meh… he’s average at best. I’m kinda over these superficial ass gym dudes. I know he’s vain af using his baby for likes. Next.

    1. I thought it was just me… They’ve become like those build-a-body centaur Instagram women with the uneven boobs and hips/ass… It’s like a meat market with everybody using their same ticket to be seen

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