can we appreciate the thick that’s in winston duke’s thighs?

vibe is back????
so i know everyone is trying to decipher “us”,
but this scene starring “thighs” with winston duke

God spent a little more time of those massive trunks.

ya’ll know i love thighs on a wolf.
“hello, lamonte…”
winston was in full boxers in one scene.
i felt like his thighs were part of the cast too.
another shout out to the wolf playing the dad ofadelaide.
she was lupita nyong’o’s character as a cub.
his name is yahya abdul manteen:

even though you don’t really see his face,
you do see his strong ass back and muscular tail.
you know i was trying to figure out who he was.

yahya is going to be “candyman” in jordan peele’s remake.
winston and those thighs will be in more flicks for us to cum.

lowkey: he was so uncomfortable…

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “can we appreciate the thick that’s in winston duke’s thighs?”

  1. I remember yahya from aquaman id love to be the meat in that jason yahya sandwich but also winston’s taking over that entire bed spoke to me.

  2. Winston Duke is attractive until you realize he’s kind of a big dork lol

    Now Jamari I told you about Yahya a while back lol

      1. @Jamari.. Im still stuck on Aldis Hodge. lol. But his brother Edwin is a thick’um frfr. 2 brothers with different body types. Aldish tall and lean. Edwin more solid and stockier.

  3. Yall can have that muscle queen, I’d smash Winston’s big bodied ass day and night. I heard he plays for our team so I just might have a chance.

  4. Winston Duke seems to have a nice amount of sugar in his tank so my antenna always shoots up when he’s on screen. I wish Jordan Peele had let him wear briefs. Thick thighs don’t lie. LOL

    Yahya Abdul-Mateen was in the The Get Down, the Netflix show about the early hip hop world in the Bronx. Did anyone else watch it? He was fire in his role. He’s def sexy.

  5. I LOVE horror movies and generally I don’t get afraid when watching them. But Candyman is the only movie that has truly scared me. Which is why it’s my favorite horror movie of all time. Still can’t watch it alone. I have mixed feelings about a remake. I think the original is such a classic because much of the terror you experience from watching that movie comes from the atmosphere that the director creates. It’s also hard for me to imagine Candyman not being played by Tony Todd. His portrayal of that character is masterful and terrifying at the same time…. But Jordan has shown himself to be very skilled at creating suspense so I trust his direction. As for Yahya playing Candyman….IDK really. It’s hard for me to imagine anyone else with that role other than Tony as I said before. And because Yahya is so damn fine. If he does a good job I could no longer thirst after him lol…… Candyman has that kind of effect on your psyche lol…. No lie, if I saw Tony Todd in person I would run for my life!!!!

  6. Yeah when he laid up on that bed… I got a lil wet. No lie. Something bout a big ass man just does it for me. I love being gay lol

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