can we appreciate the thick that’s in winston duke’s thighs?

vibe is back????
so i know everyone is trying to decipher “us”,
but this scene starring “thighs” with winston duke
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so i just got back from “us” and well…

“just because something is weird,
that doesn’t mean it’s good…” the pretty vixen

she was not with it.
me on the other paw...
so you know,
ever since i saw the trailer for “us” when it debuted,
i was ready for jordan peele to flip me on head.
after seeing the greatness that was “get out”,
i thought i’d be in for a treat.

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what do you think about “us”?

as a director,
jordan peele challenges you to explore the layers of his work.
ya’ll know how obsessed i was with “get out” after i watched it.
i was scared af of white people and you couldn’t pay me to go upstate again.

after i watched that movie,
i found out there were so many easter eggs within it.
i had to go on a full investigation which scared me even more.
i suspect his latest movie,
is about to have us scared of ourselves.
so the trailer debuted today,
which stars lupita nyong’o and winston duke,
and well…
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Did Winston Duke Have Ya’ll Drooling In “Black Panther”?

so as you know,
i didn’t get to see “black panther” yesterday.
don’t even get me started.
i’m not bitter.
aside from chadwick and mbj,
and for some daniel from “get out”,
there is another cast member who is about to get a ton of “#mcm”.
foxhole meet winston duke,
who plays “m’baku” in the movie…

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