Did Winston Duke Have Ya’ll Drooling In “Black Panther”?

so as you know,
i didn’t get to see “black panther” yesterday.
don’t even get me started.
i’m not bitter.
aside from chadwick and mbj,
and for some daniel from “get out”,
there is another cast member who is about to get a ton of “#mcm”.
foxhole meet winston duke,
who plays “m’baku” in the movie…

he is a 6’4,
dinner of a wolf,
from the island of tobago,
which is the other half to trinidad.
there are some more goodies:

he is really handsome.
now i’m mad i didn’t get to see alla ^that in imax yesterday.
again: i’m not bitter.

winston spoke to “people” about how in got in shape for the role:

that yellow is doing wonders for him.
it’s also doing wonders to my burning loins.
i find yellow on dark/brown skin makes us pop.
he did go hard on his work out for the movie tho:

winston will also reprise his role in the upcoming “avengers: infinity wars”.
i’ll be watching.
i want to see more of winston.
i’ll allow a full career.

*pictures credited to owners | winston duke

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

15 thoughts on “Did Winston Duke Have Ya’ll Drooling In “Black Panther”?”

    1. I saw another video that definitely gave that indication it was a question about which character they were most attracted to and everyone else gave the opposite sex except him….i have to find it. it was on YouTube

  1. When this chocolate wolf began to bark in the movie I lost all sense of space and time!!! He is everything wonderful!!! 😍😍😍

  2. He was awesome on Person of Interest. Had a whole arc as a super intelligent gangster. But he’s definitely looking more handsome these days.

  3. After seeing this delicious man talk with Leticia, OMG he’s amazing, and if he’s one of us, he can have me, he’s delicious, my family’s Trini so we fam! <3 He's so much man!

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