i know jill scott been going through it.
i know she just got a divorce and the ex-hubby had it out for her.
she ( x won a gag order ) against him because he was yappin’.
so i know she has been dealing with some things,
but this right here…

i guess too much ( x crown royal on ice ).
too soon?
sidebar: can we talk about how nasty this song is…

i just realized she was talmbout getting titty fucked at one point.
my favorite part is:

“Flip side, stomach meets sheets
He plows inside as if he’s making beats
As if this year’s harvest depended on it
Bendin’on it”

i hope that’s an audition reel for some new movie.
if not,
i’m a little concerned

we all been there after a bad break up.
you get into a place of “i don’t give a fuck how i look”.
you might think otherwise,
but someone can have you out here looking crazy.
if alla ^that is because of her break up,
let her purge the best way she knows how.
i can only hope an exceptional album is in the works.

lowkey: everyone told her not to marry him,
┬ábut we don’t often listen until…

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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