No More HD Cameras For Victor Cruz

i think victor cruz is handsome baller wolf.
his facial pleases me and i love how he dresses.
well i saw a recent picture of him at an nba allstar kick off event.
i was a gasp.

that hi-def camera was not his friend.


it looked like he has aged quite a bit too.
i don’t remember him having wrinkles like that.
this was him around this time in 2017:

this was him in 2015:

it looks like stress.
he isn’t playing in the nfl and i know he is trying to find his next move.
stress will have you looking terrible.
i’ve seen vixens walking with wolves outside,
that she looks like a hot stressed out mess,
but he is looking like a million dollars.
Lord knows what he’s putting her through.

i think i told ya’ll about this before.
the pretty vixen took a picture of me during 2016.
i can remember how i was feeling that same day too.
well i was dealing with the stress of:

the job

even though i had a fly outfit on,
it was literally written all over my face.
my eyes looked sad,
i look haggard,
and my acne was at an all time high.
whenever i see pictures around that time,
before i was introduced to skinceuticals,
i remember everything that was happening.
as of 2018,
my skin has changed dramatically.
i don’t have skinceuticals anymore,
but that did help in the change of my skin.
it also helped that i cancelled everyone who wasn’t “good” for me.

now they are expensive products,
so be prepared to break the bank.
the main thing is tho: GET RID OF THE STRESS.
as soon as you get yourself out of it,
it’s almost like a weight is lifted off your shoulders.
it’s like when the vixen finally leaves and glo tf up:

lowkey: speaking of vixen’s leaving,
victor might be getting his karma for how he treated his ex-fiance.
like karrueche with chris,
i bet elaina is probably looking amazing.


3 thoughts on “No More HD Cameras For Victor Cruz

  1. I feel bad for him. Without football he doesn’t know what to do with himself.

    Hopefully he put money away for a “rainy day” because it doesn’t look like he’s going to be playing football again…unless he plays in the upcoming XFL.

    These players better realize that they better have a back-up plan once their playing days are over (usually after an injury) and instead of spending foolishly while playing, put that money aside somewhere.

    It’s sad to see/hear these stories of players going broke after making millions.

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