“And Now, To Perform The Star Spangled Banner, Is An Acclaimed Singer…”

so i can’t watch the nba allstar game,
because i have no cable.
i wasn’t really interested in it this year anyway.
one of the vix-bi sent me fergie performing the national anthem.

if i was there,
and the camera panned on me,
you would have seen this:

i would have been sniggling my ass off.
fergie must be back on the wagon.
i don’t understand why she thought that was a good idea.

lowkey: i love how everyone is trying to hold it together.
this has me screaming:

Author: jamari fox

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12 thoughts on ““And Now, To Perform The Star Spangled Banner, Is An Acclaimed Singer…””

  1. Ugh, weird accent, flat notes and straining just not good. I would have given props for trying something different if she was flawless but she was not. She sounds super tired. I will say I feel het pain because I am sure after the first note she probably realized the rest of the song would be a struggle, but she had to finish anyway.

  2. You know what’s interesting is that Fergie used to be able to blow back when she was in the group Wild Orchid. She fucked up herself and her vocal ability when she got strung out on drugs.
    Will.I.Am and the Black Eyed Peas rescued her career, but she was never vocally the same.

  3. Lawd What in the entire Fukk was that. She act like she was letting us have it, like at the end she said “Take that Whitney Houston” I am the new Queen of National Anthems. Those vocals were Digiorno because they did not deliver. Come thru Fergie this performance will go down in History but not like you think as one of the worst of this century. To bad Rosanne was in the 20th Century or you would be okay for this Century, but you got this one on lock.

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