the dominican wolf who secured his bag

everyone is looking for “their bag“.
a few months ago,

one of the f-bi sent me black males who wanted white male attention.
i’m talking rich white wolves of the upper echelon.
the ones that are financially set.
kellon was one of them.
so was the short cute black fox with the light eyes.
his name fails me at the moment.
another foxholer put me on to dominican meat,
edgar s. lantigua.
he’s the ^above photo.
i don’t think we’ve fonted about him before.
he’s a personal training wolf.
the f-bi showed me who he’s dating and well…


and allegedly,
that’s his “new york penthouse sugar daddy“.
i don’t know how true that is,
but that’s what i was told.


He’s getting the bag

edgar seems quite content.
his instagram shows they’re public and attend events together.
they’re down in mexico for edgar’s 34th birthday:

it’s no secret that whenever you see someone,
living the high life without a 9 to 5 in sight,
you can already guess they’re being sponsored.
often times,
it’s by rich white males who have bread to burn.
i’ve seen it happening up north and out west,
while down south,
it seems like it’s more established black gay males.
i could be wrong.
if you’re looking for your sugar daddy,
ain’t gonna be easy to find one who:

looks good
has bawdy
dresses well
is in the 6 figures

unless you bag a baller wolf,
it’s gonna be
a mission.
life is tough.
some folks motivation is to secure their bags.
don’t take it as an insult if they’re not interested in you.

You just don’t have the bag they’re looking for

lowkey: this won’t say they won’t fuck you tho.

pictures/video cc: instagram

31 thoughts on “the dominican wolf who secured his bag

  1. Yeah, it’s all fun and games until you hook up with some rich Ed Buck type and end up dead. Black gay men are still lining up to date Ed Buck even though he basically murdered two other black gay men. The whole sugar daddy/baby arrangement is both sad and pathetic for everyone involved

    1. Also, this is typical behavior for Dominican men and women. They always end up dating old and/or busted white men and women. The’re some of the most self hating people on the planet

  2. Looks are fleeting and so is (someone else’s) money. These attentionistos are hot for a season until they’re replaced and forgotten.

    Name one from 2014 who still gets talked about… exactly!

    If they do stay together, when the sugar daddy dies his fortune will go to his white family, not his “Dominican” sugar wolf. Edgar will have to find another gross white man to rent out his used up hole to.

    Last I checked, being a sugar wolf didn’t offer a 401k option!

  3. It’s nice to meet someone who has money, but don’t depend on those resources. Work as well in order to have your own.

  4. And as for the rest of the people in the comments, MOST sugar daddies are unattractive, thats just the harsh reality. These men use their wealth to compensate for the fact that they don’t have to pay as much attention to their appearance just to get a hot guy.

    Remember, it takes effort to take care of your appearance and be that self-conscious.

    An attractive gay wealthy man generally is NOT trying to have a “kept” unemployed house whore living off him just because he happens to be attractive. As narcissistic as many gay men are, I’m pretty sure most attractive older guys would just rather find another relatively attractive guy to get with. An employed one at that.

    Be honest, why would a guy take time to perfect his appearance if he’s going to just simply pay a guy to give him attention? As much as people don’t like to admit it, we don’t just make an effort to look good for ourselves, we also look good because we like to attract the right people into our lives. Finding a hot sugar daddy is an anomaly for the most part. When it comes to these sugar daddies, ask yourself if you would smash them if they weren’t paying for your expenses. If the answer is no, then that just proves my point. Clearly they weren’t attractive enough to get in your draws without the fat pockets.

    And for the record, yes I know not all sugar daddies are old or fat men, however most fall into either categories.

    There is also a difference between a guy who occasionally pays for sex and a guy who actually has a “kept” person who’s living expenses are being taken care of in the exchange of the boyfriend experience. Sugar daddies fall in the latter.

  5. In line with the other comments, I would never get with some old white man, not even an old black one. I can’t say wether or not if he likes the guy because some people have weird fetishes like that. Cause I always wonder why they never date other rich men or other rich white men.

    Also, someone mentioned about those sugar babies having to do dark stuff for their sugars dadies is probably true. These dudes are basically pimping themselves out. The equivalent of a HMH (High Maintenance Hoe).

    How can anyone live like this is beyond me. Sure you living the high side of things but living off someone else you probably don’t love & looks at you like an object. If they get tired of you, back to Instagram & Onlyfans you go, if you’re still sexy..but like the rest, your popularity will fade over time.

    Most gay men are materialistic. As you can see, even the ones with money and degrees are often still alone.

    This gen is extremely sensitive. If you call them out on their bullshit, they turn victim real quick.

    1. I don’t understand it either, because they will surely walk out the door with whatever they came in with..and that’s probably not much. I often wonder sometimes in “relationships” like these, and I’m sure some of them could be genuine, how these guys feel knowing they are a stone’s throw (or fuck) from having the good life taken away from them. They have to make sure both the stroke and body remain on point, because the next sugar baby is waiting in the wings.

      1. ^this is why folks need to be stacking instead of flexing.
        this life of sponsorships is very short lived.
        you have to look at it as a stepping stone to the next thing.

        folks be out here fucking and sucking with no back up plan.
        we have to remember many of us weren’t taught that side of the hustle.
        you gotta get it and get tf out.

        “onto the next adventure”

      2. Scary life to live. You don’t want to become old one day wishing you didn’t that or turn into a sugar daddy yourself, only wanted because of your money. Side hustle is a plus.

    2. I feel like this “sugar daddy” lifestyle is OVERLY glamorized in the gay community and these type of sugar baby men are placed on a pedestal hence why they like flexing on the gram. Whenever I’m on social media I always see comments from young gays fantasizing about sugar daddies paying their bills and shit. I know some are joking but I still do feel like the lifestyle is glamorized and some envy these guys. When in actuality there is NOTHING cute about sucking some shrivelled floppy penis, kissing stank-breath pot belly dudes who probably don’t even douche probably before getting fucked in their hairy asses. Doing all of that just to live in an apartment and get a budgeted “treat allowance”? People are really impressed by so little in this community.

      To each their own but I honestly feel like I’d get nightmares if I had to fuck one of these sugar daddies for an extensive period just to stay housed. I’d lowkey feel like a sex-slave because I have to be in debt to an unattractive old man because he is financing my life.

    3. I’ve seen a couple black guys in these relationships end up back on the streets, alcoholic, with no where to live. I wonder if any of them ever ask themselves why me, why would he choose me. I can almost bet these old white men see these guys as a fetish. Not all but many of these guys end up with nothing, if and when the fire goes out.

      1. Jammy said it best in his other post, “the thought of giving money to someone because they choose go to a gym is ridiculous af.” Desperados lose their minds over attentionistos with overrated physical attributes. Dipping into their overdrawn accounts for some muscle queen on Only Fans. They can barely afford a $.10 pack of noodles and a one-way swipe on the Uptown 4, but they beating off to some six month old video that’s already been uploaded to Pornhub.

        Dumb asses.

        The sugar wolf and his sugar daddy are poster children for low self-esteem – one thinks his looks are his identity and the other one’s identity is tied to what (or whom) he can buy. Neither believe that they deserve healthy relationships. Sugar wolf better find a real job and get a marketable skill because the type of “personal training” he does is going to get him cut off financially.

        I avoid attentionistos. They’re lazy socially and boring in real life. I’m not going to send a grown man dozens of photos for him to size me up only to blow off our scheduled date for the gym. I only entertain muscular/athletic men if they’re naturally mesomorph. Even then, he better be kind, and he better not be rude or demanding. Attentionistos have grown so accustomed to desperados spoon feeding them any/everything they ask/don’t ask for, that their entitlement levels are through the roof. Desperados are so bewildered that they can’t even decipher bad attitudes or they’ll deal just to say they have someone.

  6. Its all cool until you end up strung out on drugs/alcohol broken with money, nothing that you own just an abused body and hole and the sugar daddy is exploiting another opportunity with the next trade. These sugar daddies share these guys with groups of their friends. Trust they have to put in work and do dark shit to get taken care if in this dark world.

  7. Truth be told I wanted you to comment on this before. Not just this guy either. But this guy I had been following for a while he does seem very nice and did dance at gay clubs and be a personal trainer. I was shocked when I started seeing him pop up on his ig as well , like who is this old white dude. Because he has been meeting the white dudes family and everything, I think it’s serious, more power to him. It’s hard finding love for us out here. Fats and fems have it bad but only 20% of us find love.

  8. No Sir/ No Maam-Not for all the mayonnaise and unseasoned chicken in Montana, Iowa and Nebraska will I resort to this to pay my Fingerhut bill. I realize its a tough economy, but damn they always hiring at UPS and Uber Eats. Nene reaction is my reaction to this. Jesus be a pick 6 or at least a lucky BINGO!

  9. Whatever works for him but I’ll never be content living off of another person’s bag. It actually turns me off when men talk about how much $$$ they have and what they can buy me with it. First, if I need it… l’ll buy it myself. Second, there’s no amount of money worth having someone who I’m not attracted to climb my back.

    I’m good, luv.

  10. What happen to working hard to finance your own lifestyle? I guess I am a different breed! Good luck to him and his spouse!

  11. Lmao. Look New York rent is high.

    He’s just doing what most decent looking gay men on the east coast do lol

      1. It is when your fingernails are “bulbous” like his fingernails are; which means he has some serious health issue. Mostly, is related to heart or lung disease that reduces the amount of oxygen in the blood. Well, he has secured his bag, so he should be ok.

        1. I heard longterm effects of Prep can have an affect on your lungs.. But the drug was only approved in 2012 so I’m not gonna blame it on that

  12. “while down south,
    it seems like it’s more established black gay males”

    True… but a lot of times these men are takin’ the places of the unmelanated and typical fella above. I’ve seen it happen w/ folks I know back in the day, sadly.

    1. ^that one wolf,
      before he was sadly murdered,
      had a whole crib because of that pastor.

      maybe it’s a different type of bag down south from black males?

  13. He put in work but why can’t he find a hot muscular sugar daddy I see some sexy men with hot sugar daddies finer then the young dude i heard that that sexy Dominican maravilla has a sugar daddy too he still dance at gay clubs and it looks like he doesn’t live with his mommy anymore I know these young dudes are paying these muscular men bills and buying them cars and everything too

    1. ^unless they are both hot and building together,
      it’s tough.
      guys with muscles don’t have their priorities on being bosses.
      they’d rather get the bag through another to level up.

      i’m sure they’re out there tho.

      1. What about the dacoverboi and forevermistah ig and his entire clique. They seem like they all have sugar daddies. And I knowww you’ve heard of them. They all in Atlanta.

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