you can’t tell andre marhold anything these days (the flex)

bag is secured?
andre marhold isn’t doing anything that the attentionistos on ig aren’t doing.
you just can’t tell who is smashin’ the and vice versa.
when you meet a wealthy white male,
you enjoy the perks until they run out.
jeffree star is making sure his boo can flex right on his ig…

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so jussie smollett tried to stop milan christopher’s bag?

so milan christopher refuses to take his paws off jussie smollett’s neck.
he feels he is getting his alleged retribution.
according to milan,
jussie tried to stop his bag.
these are receipts milan posted via “gayemagazine“…

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i’m trying to get this bag

first of all,
can i tell you how psychic i am?
i said sometime last week:

“‘the joe budden podcast’ should really come to spotify.”

it would be easier for me to listen i only use that streaming service.
they announced that they’ll be on spotify too.

i’m truly happy for them because they deserve it.

so trying to get the bag is tough.
all of our bags are different.
i’ve been in a little depression due to trying to get my own bag.
i need a gooooooood sponsor right about now.
i’ve been thinking back to how i got to this point.
the firings and countless rejections.
the “i got chu” and not helping beyond that.
it’s been tough,
and Lord knows it ain’t easy,
but it’ll be part of this amazing story that i get to share.
so i started of what my perfect sponsor looks like…

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IS KELLY PRICE CRAZY?!?!!?!?!?! Serious Question.

Screen Shot 2013-08-10 at 6.50.39 PMshe was up in fred’s face,
acting belligerent,
and for what tho????
when she pulled those timbz out that fuckin bag tho!!!!
i woulda had to let her know that stool i’m sitting on isn’t too heavy to go upside her head.
fred is nice because i would have let her dodge caravan shaped ass have it.
have it all!!!!
then she gonna say she doesn’t feel comfortable with fred.
well bitch i don’t feel comfortable with that fat queen you bringing in here.
miss with that bullshit kelly.
i would never have thought she was like this.
did anyone watch this episode????

x click here if you haven’t seen it.

lowkey: everyone else has made me go check out their music again.
i already had all of mo’s stuff,
dawn (lucy pearl and en vogue),
and claudette (city high).
chante moore being the biggest since i never listened to her before.
yeah… everyone except kelly price.
you can’t sit at the foxhole table with that attitude mama.

where to listen to their music: spotify

foXXX: How A Vixen Can Fuck A Wolf

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Bagged A Fox; By A Fox


Thank you for tuning in.
I appreciate your love and support.
I really do.

Don’t think YOU are off the hook.
Jamari has a few rules for you.
Here are a few things YOU need to follow when baggin’ a Fox of any kind…

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