i think i figured out why white folks are bagging all our favs and fantasies

*there have been so many discussions about ^this hard reveal.
i’m gonna try to cover the good ones because every day,
it’s something new.

the other day,
i was having a chat with a friend about how aggressive white folks can be.
when white folks want something or someone,
whether they’re gay or straight,
they’ll go after it without a care in the world.
the following video is what led to the discussion.
it’s a white vixen in a gym that was relentless in trying to get some bbc

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the things i (allegedly) learned from those who bagged sexy ig males

ya’ll are so nosy.
i get it.
i’m nosy too but my nosiness also comes with trust.
folks spill to me and they know it doesn’t get out.
i posted these stories on the foxhole ig yesterday:

…and i woke up to my box blown up with messages.

“Spill to me!”
“I wanna know too!”

okay so let’s font for a little.
i got some stuff to share with you…

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you can’t tell andre marhold anything these days (the flex)

bag is secured?
andre marhold isn’t doing anything that the attentionistos on ig aren’t doing.
you just can’t tell who is smashin’ the and vice versa.
when you meet a wealthy white male,
you enjoy the perks until they run out.
jeffree star is making sure his boo can flex right on his ig…

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the dominican wolf who secured his bag

everyone is looking for “their bag“.
a few months ago,

one of the f-bi sent me black males who wanted white male attention.
i’m talking rich white wolves of the upper echelon.
the ones that are financially set.
kellon was one of them.
so was the short cute black fox with the light eyes.
his name fails me at the moment.
another foxholer put me on to dominican meat,
edgar s. lantigua.
he’s the ^above photo.
i don’t think we’ve fonted about him before.
he’s a personal training wolf.
the f-bi showed me who he’s dating and well…
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so jussie smollett tried to stop milan christopher’s bag?

so milan christopher refuses to take his paws off jussie smollett’s neck.
he feels he is getting his alleged retribution.
according to milan,
jussie tried to stop his bag.
these are receipts milan posted via “gayemagazine“…

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i’m trying to get this bag

first of all,
can i tell you how psychic i am?
i said sometime last week:

“‘the joe budden podcast’ should really come to spotify.”

it would be easier for me to listen i only use that streaming service.
they announced that they’ll be on spotify too.

i’m truly happy for them because they deserve it.

so trying to get the bag is tough.
all of our bags are different.
i’ve been in a little depression due to trying to get my own bag.
i need a gooooooood sponsor right about now.
i’ve been thinking back to how i got to this point.
the firings and countless rejections.
the “i got chu” and not helping beyond that.
it’s been tough,
and Lord knows it ain’t easy,
but it’ll be part of this amazing story that i get to share.
so i started of what my perfect sponsor looks like…

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