you can’t tell andre marhold anything these days (the flex)

bag is secured?
andre marhold isn’t doing anything that the attentionistos on ig aren’t doing.
you just can’t tell who is smashin’ the and vice versa.
when you meet a wealthy white male,
you enjoy the perks until they run out.
jeffree star is making sure his boo can flex right on his ig…

we see him in in the rolls.
if you gonna sell your soul,
you gotta do it big.

he had a message for his haters too:

you can tell he isn’t use to anything.
is anyone really hatin’ on him tho?
many of us can go out there and get the same material shit if we wanted.
we damn sure ain’t upset we not with jeffree star.
i feel like folks are confused with his life choices than hate.

on the positive,
he is starting to claim jeffree on his ig.
he posted their bowling date night on his stories:

all he has to do now is post jeffree on his main feed.
that’s how we’ll know this is serious.

lowkey: i bet their sex is really nasty.
i can’t tell who has turned out who tbh.

37 thoughts on “you can’t tell andre marhold anything these days (the flex)

  1. They are so thirsty whew

    This entire union is so forced. Usually its the ballers who will be spoiling the other person, the fact that Jefree is the breadwinner doesn’t make them admirable as a “couple” at all. Now if anything they just seem thirsty for some social media fame. And as I said Jefree will be able to carry on his life as who he is once they break up whereas this guy will forever be known as Jefree Star’s kept boo. Lets see how he will bounce back from that.

    Also, I agree with another poster above, there’s just something gutterbut about somebody flexing in a rented Royce that clearly wasn’t purchased by them. Especially when we KNOW who paid for it. Yeah, it just doesn’t hit the same LOL

  2. Why so much focus here on the racial composition of couples? It’s not newsworthy or notable that people today date and marry interracially. It’s normal, mundane.

    1. Agreed, interracial dating, marriage, and miscegenation are normal. But, that’s not the reason why people are bring up the racial composition of this relationship. The problem some people have, and thus the reason why they bring it up, is Jeffree’s extensive track record of racially insensitive and down-right racist commentary towards people of Andre’s race. The problem some people have is why would any black man with any self-worth and self-respect be dating a white man like Jeffree (see previous sentence). That’s some people’s real issue with the relationship…

    2. I’m a #loveislove ,#lovehasnorace #lovehasnogender type of person.

      But I will side eye an interracial relationship where the non black person(Jeffree) has made offensive racist comments including calling black people “ngger” “ape” “ngger bitch” as well as shady comments about our skin tones.

      So that’s one reason why there has been lots of discussion or focus on this relationship,we are aware of Jeffree’s racist past comments.Another reason is we know black men are often fetishized by some non black men( and women) who don’t love them but love their black dick (BBC).

      If these two are really in love,then awesome.

  3. He has that ” Limited Intelligence ” Eye Dropiness and facial structure..( not making fun) apologizing just in case I am offending anyone

  4. He must be on drugs, because that’s the only way I see he continuing to be all up on Jeffree Star like this.

    Or he’s the biggest opportunist ever.

    1. Mo… you may be on to something. I am perplexed????? There are soooooo many reasons why this isn’t a Good Look.

      Is he of Low intelligence?? Special???? Mentally Challenged???

      Somebody needs to to an intervention.. I feel Nasty and uncomfortable watching this ( Really)

  5. Lawdy , lawdy lawdy… Big Momma always said… “Baby,,, dere is somebody Fuh Everybody” ..

    I’m seeing this but it still seems unreal.This Jeffree person is soooooooooooo Ugly!!!!!


  6. Something about flexing in a RR that EVERYONE knows you could have never afforded yourself, just dnt hit the same 🤷🏾‍♂️ Like atleast if it was a mystery, but we all know a white man (racist at that) bought (or renting) that for you, and your name most likely NOT on anything 😬

  7. I dont really care about this story, however it is surprising that jefree with all his money and influence chose Andre. I would have thought he would go for an instagram baddie. to each his own right… I guess.

  8. This ain’t nothing but more 2020 shenanigans. Right up there with Rona, murder hornets, big ass comets coming close to earth, big ass wild fires and this foolishness. 2020 🤷🏾‍♂️

  9. Andre playing a different game that looks similar to P Valley with Lil Murda and Uncle Clifford. Keyshawn caught them kissing and decided to be his public eyecandy while he play with his private guycandy behind-the-scenes. Jeffree might have caught Andre with another player who don’t want to be outed and decided to make a business arrangement to hide Andre real truth. If you comfortable taking pics and posting them publicly why you not following each other publicly. Now you following each other and being Koi with each other but got plenty of pics going viral on social media. Andre fucking another man… but it ain’t Jeffree.

    Not to be like “I told you” remember when another straight dude did a promo with Holliwud and I told y’all “If you record a video with Holliwud, nine times out of ten, y’all already fucked”. I could be wrong but ijs. This is fishy and I can’t stand the smell of raw fish.

  10. Remember when Derrick Gordon came out in College Basketball playing for a Division 1 team with a guaranteed shot of going First Round in the NBA Draft after Jason Collins came out in the NBA because Michael Sam came out in the NFL

  11. Hating? More so falling out laughing. Nigga delusional. No amount of money could have me waking up to a white walker.

  12. Broke people speak to their haters, while wealthy people speak to their vision. Now let that marinate…

  13. Jamari, let me know when they have a spat on Instagram Live and Andre putting out a book exposing him that nobody wants to read and Jeffree puts out a tearful “I’m not racist, just wanted to be loved”.

    I imagine Jeffree has topped him at least once. That’s part of dehumanizing us. And he’s a control freak, so yeah.

    I expect Jeffree’s next to be ‘exotical”. Asian or Middle Eastern. You heard it here, first!

  14. I was going to say something ugly but I’ll leave it at Andre should keep his mouth shut. That “light-skin” flex garbage was like verbal vomit. No thanks. Oh wait, did I say something ugly…?

  15. You talking about the sex being nasty. It looks like it stinks. Just a smell you can’t get out your soul.

  16. Aww, how cute…he’s finally getting to live that pro-baller lifestyle he always dreamed of. He’s clearly not bothered by the fact that he achieved by being Jeffree’s bed-buck and not his athletic talents to get into the NBA…

    SN: I know it gotta hurt like hell having to rattle–yes, rattle ’cause we know his shit don’t clap–them boney cakes of Jeffree’s from the bike…

    1. Bitch, I am done wit u… make sure my Aunt Shirley don’t bring that nasty citrus salad to my wake. Dead. LOL

    2. Wait…..on minute…..Did he say RATTLE!?!…🤣🤣😂😂😂😂 That’s bit for me…. I’m done for today!!🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣

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