how to predict your own death in a 2020 toyota supra and post it on your snapchat

i always find it eerie when folks predict their own deaths on their social media.
there is power in the fingers.

“imma kill it on the highway”

well that she did.
stephanie angelica vasquez put on her snap that she was flexing in a 2020 toyota supra.
this is what happened via “worldstar“…

The preliminary investigation revealed that a 2020 Toyota Supra was traveling north on Muddy Branch Road approaching West Deer Park Road. A 2001 Honda Accord was traveling south on Muddy Branch Road and was attempting to turn left onto eastbound West Deer Park Road; the Supra and Accord collided in the intersection. Three unoccupied vehicles parked on Water Street were also damaged as a result of this collision. Investigators believe that the Supra’s speed may have contributed to this collision.

The driver of the Supra, identified as Stephanie Angelica Vasquez, age 25, of Plyers Mill Road in Kensington, was pronounced deceased at the scene. The front-seat passenger in the Supra, identified as Jonathan Charkas, age 35, of Garden View Way in Rockville, was also pronounced deceased at the scene.

The operator of the Accord is being identified as Heriberto Santos Gonzalez, age 40, of North Summit Avenue in Gaithersburg. He was transported to a local hospital with serious injuries. Two adult male passengers in the Accord were also transported to a local hospital with serious injuries.

that shit is insane.
crazy enough,
she was about to go in trial for dui and gun charges tomorrow.

Police are investigating how Vasquez came in possession of the car.

On August 2, at 1:20 a.m. Vasquez was stopped by a Montgomery County Alcohol Initiatives Unit officer in an unmarked police cruiser when she was observed driving recklessly in Silver Spring.

She was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol and possessing a loaded handgun in a vehicle. She had been prohibited from possessing a firearm because of a prior criminal conviction, according to a release from Montgomery County Police.

Vazquez was due in court Friday on those charges.

she seemed like a hyena.
i guess it was just her time.
i hate that you can be minding your own business,
but some dumb ass comes along and ruins your life in a second.
what if she hit a mother and her kids?

this reminds me of a story i read about nikki catsouras.
she stole her daddy’s porsche and this was ( x the outcome ) and ( x here ).
her death pics are so brutal.
she legit had no head anymore.
that story was a wake up call for me about speeding.
even tho i love a fast car,
we don’t realize those cars can go from 0 to 100 really quick.
they pick up speed and next thing you know you’re in “back to the future“.

that is a lot of power that many can’t control.
i pray the folks in the other car can pull through without anything light threatening.

article cc: wjla

8 thoughts on “how to predict your own death in a 2020 toyota supra and post it on your snapchat

  1. Jamari I can’t believe what I’m reading…this shit happened literally 2 minutes from my house I live in Gaithersburg MD. Bruh I had to reach your blog twice to make sure I wasn’t tripping!

    This was a really ugly accident as you can see and I can’t believe ppl posted the video on world star smh.

  2. I can’t say I’m scared or have a phobia of many things, but being dismembered/disfigured/maimed etc. in a car accident is probably at the top for me! Like seriously my family doesn’t understand why even as a full grown adult I am SO fearful of driving! It’s things like this! That video legit made me start to hyperventilate! I could not be a witness to anything like this cause I would legit have had a breakdown!

  3. That very selfish of her but at least she dead. Dude in the Accord with no floor board on asphalt that shit is scary. Its too bad it takes situations like this to get a LEO attention.

  4. Fast cars scare me. At least with a rollercoaster, you’re somewhat protected(but not as someone died recently) but in general, if I want to go fast I’ll spin around and get dizzy. Crashing scares me. We’re not rhino built. We’re fleshbags with sticks in them that break easily.

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