so ya’ll out here with shit in yo drawz because it’s normal for men?

cc: thearsevase

the pretty vixen and i were having a conversation about males the other day.
we said a lot of shit,
but she said the following:

“Males are actually really gross.”

that statement can be true for some.
back in the day,
this one wolf told me how he hated eating my home fox groceries.
“he always has dingle berries stuck to his ass hair.”
my home wolf told me the other day he had a vixen suck his dick after a day of not showering.
he said his balls was extra ripe,
but she did it anyway.
a vix-bi sent me the following tweet and i nearly gagged


“it’s normal for men to have anal discharge.”
speak for your muthafuckin’ self.
if you constantly have anal discharge in your drawz,
it’s time for you to see a doctor.
that is not normal.

for the medical foxhole: why would males have anal discharge?

your bunz is not a coochie.
it cannot lubricate by itself.
this is why you always need lube to participate in anal sex.
if yo bunz are lubricating by itself

call a doctor because that is not normal.

i have a question for the foxhole…

Do males really go ready to fuck someone with shit stains in they drawz?

i’m always making sure the water comes out clear,
i have a fresh pair of everything on,
and i’m lathered in smell goods.
a wolf can’t tell me he is coming over right now to chill with me tonight.
first off,
we aren’t having sex because i have no fleet bottles in my crib.
i will hop in the shower,
straighten up my apartment,
and look presentable for him tho.
he can bring food,
and smoke and we can watch a movie or something.

Am I too much of a pretty fox when it comes to sex?

i always like to present my package in the best light.
i’m starting to think people don’t care and will fuck you regardless.
i guess this is why vixens eat male butt cheeks without cleaning it out first.
i might be doing too much?

lowkey: i always tell folks white underwear and white wash cloths show the real story.
it reveals ALL.

16 thoughts on “so ya’ll out here with shit in yo drawz because it’s normal for men?

  1. I’ve always wonder how many straight men really wanna touch their own ass to clean?! Prob not many. They prob think its so gay to do that.

  2. I think this is a good conversation with so much to unpack. First off, as someone who remembers some pretty disgusting stories from my freshman year to the fact that it was my job at one point to make sure that both the men’s and women’s bathroom were clean at work , you can totally miss me with the whole women are more cleaner than men argument; in my experience it simply just is not true. I also think some times we are to quick to bash straight men, the reality is grooming/ hygiene best practices can be a very complex conversation that we often don’t have as men regardless of what sexual identity we claim. Really a lot of the things I know came from reading GQ from time to time when I was younger. When it comes to grooming habits sometimes things can cause embarrassment and you may not know who or what to turn to for a solution. When I was younger, I use to have a problem with deodorants which would cause staining and it was embarrassing and it took me a while to figure out that I was having a bad reaction to the aluminum that is present in a lot of deodorants as an anti-perspirant ; switched over to a aluminum free/ paraben free deodorant …. Problem solved. It wasn’t until a couple of years ago that I found the power of a good manicure/ pedicure. I personally take 2 showers a day so I never had an issue but discovering wet wipes was a game changer. My point is as a male in addition to regular bathing they’re all types of lotions and creams and powders and colognes we can be and in some cases should be using but don’t because we simply don’t know about them and maybe are to embarrassed to ask.

  3. It’s poor child-raising. You wipe and clean your ass. CLEAN. My mother always said you better wash the whole body if you take a bath or shower but especially don’t forget your underarms, crotch, ass and feet because when those start to smell people can tell from across the room.

    No healthy man has anal discharge. If you do you have anal or intestinal leakage you probably should go hit the nearest clinic ASAP. What he’s talking about is he’s a subset of straight men who ain’t wiping or washing their @ss, so there are stains and crap there. It’s just NASTY. Only somebody with a scat fetish wants to see that, so no thank you. NASTY!

    1. Man, you ain’t never lied! Hell we couldn’t go out of the house if we didn’t have a t-shirt on under our shirt. My mom didn’t play that mess. You took a bath when you were younger, and a shower as you got older….and when we were younger she would come in to make sure you were using soap! LOL

      I cannot for the life of me see how a person can go without washing their ass, unless they are homeless…and even then they have facilities where they can do that. It’s crazy.
      When I take a shit, I wipe my ass until I don’t see brown on the tissue anymore! Sorry for the mental picture! LOL

      Sad to say, these young girls nowadays love these grungy, funky dirty lookin dudes…because they don’t know any better really.

      They’re used to what’s in their neighborhood, or the local surrounding hoods, and don’t know there are clean brothas out there! LOL

  4. I have a comment..but first..that GIF from Friday, when Smokey sees Deebo shit stained draws😂😂😂😂…I swear, when that scene comes up, I nearly die from laughter😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  5. The notion that if one spends too long washing they ass crack makes them gay is some fuckshit. If this is the case how does that not apply to masturbation? And these nasty bastards do it at least twice a day.

    How the fuck did proposer hygiene become a gay thing? I blame this hyper-masculine message from these Hotep MFs…and these closeted DL mother fuckers.

    So the grosser you are the more masculine you are? WTF? Niggah really?

  6. First, this fool needs to clarify wtf “anal discharge”. Shit isn’t anal discharge…. IT’S SHIT. Which homegirl pointed out wouldn’t be in your drawls if you cleaned properly. Any other types of discharge would require medical attention. This just further justifies my thoughts on these straight dudes some of y’all drool over that are dumb as rocks. I’m assuming his post was purely for click bait, but if in fact a shitty booty is what comes with them, ladies y’all can have them!

    1. ^ill let them vixens deal with these disgusting ass straight males.
      we good over here.

      i hope he is trolling because that further solidifies how nasty some of the straight are.
      those are the types to look down on gays and be out here moving gross.

      1. I think he’s trolling.

        He probably read that “it’s completely normal for women to have vaginal discharge and the vagina cleans itself.”So he just substituted vaginal/vagina for anal/anus trying to be funny.Also I have never heard an adult using the term “bootyhole” that sounds like a term a young child would use.IDK

        I am concerned about the people who liked his tweets 😷😂.

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