update: imagine getting peed and sh*tted on by someone off grindr?

i love happy endings.
i love when the villains who did the innocent wrong get their comeupance.
it’s like the feeling we got when scar got killed by the hyenas in “the lion king”.
“die for killing mufasa,
you hoe!”

i love when real-life hyenas get jail time for all the havoc they caused while being free.
remember the 4 hyenas who were robbing and humiliating gay males in texas?
they were using the app,
to cause chaos.
at one point,
they wiped one of the gay males with urine and shit.
( x this story was extremely disturbing )
¬†they were all sentenced last week and…

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so ya’ll out here with shit in yo drawz because it’s normal for men?

cc: thearsevase

the pretty vixen and i were having a conversation about males the other day.
we said a lot of shit,
but she said the following:

“Males are actually really gross.”

that statement can be true for some.
back in the day,
this one wolf told me how he hated eating my home fox groceries.
“he always has dingle berries stuck to his ass hair.”
my home wolf told me the other day he had a vixen suck his dick after a day of not showering.
he said his balls was extra ripe,
but she did it anyway.
a vix-bi sent me the following tweet and i nearly gagged

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odell beckham jr might be wit the shits (i mean that exactly how it sounds too)

odell beckham jr might be super nasty in bed.
i’m being dead serious right now too.
now for some,
nasty means doing all kind of freaky shit.

Being tied up
Bringing the entire refrigerator in bed
Dressing up as a baby and being spanked

you know,
the usual shit.
for odell,
that allegedly includes being shitted on as well.

i know.
well celina powell and friends had a discussion about odell’s alleged shitty ways…
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dallas wade is with the shits (literally)

some folks like shit.
i knew of someone who liked scat play so much,
they would be giving head during or after taking a dump on the toilet.
other times,
they would drop their brown babies off on their wolves chest and stomach.
they said the rancid smell turned them on.

Everyone has a fetish

i’ll only allow one bodily fluid on me.
as you know,
dallas wade is the shit.
he is tapping into those with a particular fetish.
this is what a foxholer sent me from his onlyfans page
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tops are sick of bottom’s shit (literally)

wolves are fighting back ya’ll.
they are sick of foxes and even some of the hybrids out here.
we been wanting the pipe,
but some of us ain’t cleaning out our insides for it.
a foxholer sent me this one snow wolf wanted to let his disdain be known…

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shit happens (in the meat aisle)

we have all had this issue once or twice in our lives.
your stomach starts a-bubblin and you can’t clench your butt cheeks tight enough.
it don’t matter where.
you eat or drink the wrong thing and…

if we’re lucky,
we can find a bathroom fast enough.
other times,
we are shit outta luck and…

a foxholer sent me michael rapaport’s ig,
who had some wild shit to show and well…

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