odell beckham jr might be wit the shits (i mean that exactly how it sounds too)

odell beckham jr might be super nasty in bed.
i’m being dead serious right now too.
now for some,
nasty means doing all kind of freaky shit.

Being tied up
Bringing the entire refrigerator in bed
Dressing up as a baby and being spanked

you know,
the usual shit.
for odell,
that allegedly includes being shitted on as well.

i know.
well celina powell and friends had a discussion about odell’s alleged shitty ways…

he might have responded in the best way possible:


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Can’t knock me off my pivot… no matter what shxts thrown my way 😭😤

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i respect it.
honestly tho,
i’ve heard many rich males have interesting fetishes.
you’d think it would just be a “white male” thing,
but you’ll be surprised how many black males are into scat play.
either way,
i won’t be participating in that wave.

lowkey: i know these wolves are regretting fuckin’ these chicks now.
they are putting all their shit in these forests.

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17 thoughts on “odell beckham jr might be wit the shits (i mean that exactly how it sounds too)”

  1. First of all, I like O’Dell a lot. People need to be particularly careful of who they share their sensual and sexual fantasies with. It’s true regardless whomever you invite into your bed make sure they can keep their mouth shut!!

  2. Oh shit Odell! First Jada admit to sucking August dick on the regular and now Odell with the shits, smmfh. Shit crazy

  3. I believe it. The thing is if you live on LA/ Hollywood you know about all the messy freak shit that goes on and nobody is really “shocked ”. Being gay and having a bunch of attractive homegirls I hear and see so much. These girls are wild. I also here a lot similar stories from different girls about a male celeb. A lot of the males and athletes in Hollywood are freaky af and your favs are probably sex addicts 😂 they can get anyone whenever and wherever they want. If you think they just basic regular sex that ridiculous.

    1. Good point Devon,

      ” Sex is Mental” . Celebrities may get tired when it’s constantly thrown at them.

      Plus ” Scatting” ( like many sexual turn-ons ) may have origins in a person’s very early sexual experiences:


      Odell’s first sexual encounter may have been with some Male /Female who didn’t wipe their azz good enough ,or observing an adult making a bowel movement in his presence while jacking.

      Y’all get my point( smile),

      [ I always try to learn from things that are opposite of me.] Shid ,,,I hate when someone else’s “Farts ” permeates my vicinity, so you can only imagine what “Sh#tting can do to me ( ha ha ha )

  4. I don’t believe her, but if he dines like it, I need to get smashed first, then I’ll just paint him. Win win. 🤣

  5. Corona has warped these fools mind…like they can’t find “shit” else to do…(pun intended) and the chic ain’t no betta’ if she’s gonna tell it…publicly??! Hope that check was FAT!! Just get you a dude Odell and tap that!…smh…and in this case Fleet or not to Fleet idk

  6. i honestly feel like if he is into that then that’s truly on him (no pun intended). I guess my beef is why was this a necessary discussion to have and what was the point in exposing that that’s his kink?

    (I’m not denying that he did it because we do not know his personal sex life and he could truly be with the shits…pun intended, and we wouldn’t know.)

  7. These ballers have GOT to do a better job vetting their pussy/dick/ass – too many flapping lips around.

  8. Odell is a very clean man I don’t know him but I’m sure this isnt him at all she is a hoe hoe hoe period he is always fresh and he is discreet honestly I couldn’t care less but I’d love to give him some service

  9. It’s not for me, but I’m not gonna knock what 2 adults like sexually. There must be some appeal in it ??

    I am Gay and like sex with men and some find that disgusting . ( until they try it ) ha ha ha ha

    1. Exactly but that shit crap no mam but alot are into spitting in some ones mouth I’d catch a case cuz I’m bodying a mf”

  10. Those NY Giants/ex-Giants players are FREAKS!! I remember there was a scandal with Osi Umenyiora being into scat too! Ewww!

  11. Ohh noooo, not bbbaaeeeee! I dont believe her. That whole podcast is fishy tbh with you. I was gonna say I’ll wait for his response but knowing him, he not gonna respond unless it gets blown up and literally EVERYONE is talking about it. But if it was true, I mean…dayum is all I have to say about that, lmao

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