who knew atlanta pride was where they’d film a special wwe over the weekend

this weekend was atlanta pride.
while new yawk cancelled our west indian day carnival and made it virtual,
folks was out in droves to atl during the pandemic to party.
that rona is still “a thing“,
ima keep asking.
well all i saw rolling down my timeline was…


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Is there a case study on this? Someone please provide one

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i’m sure there are more videos i’ve missed.

100% prime beef.
i thought i was looking at the menu for outback steakhouse with all that was going on.

Why are folks in ATL so angry?

i know we all angry with what’s happening in the world,
but this ain’t it.
not a mask in sight either.
( x 6,000 rona related deaths in ga )
they gon’ be fighting with the rona next.

lowkey: watch these labor day festivities cause spikes.
they gonna come back to ny with that shit.

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27 thoughts on “who knew atlanta pride was where they’d film a special wwe over the weekend”

  1. I think people are most reckless when they feel like they have nothing to live for…

    …cue raw sex, partying and clubbing in a pandemic, fighting like animals, public sex, regular drug and alcohol abuse, etc.

    We’ve got to show our young people that there is much more to life! You can be young and fun without participating in any of the above 🤦🏽‍♂️

  2. …for the record, that’s not Atlanta. Folks come from all over the country to act stupid there for the weekend. Atlanta gays got better sense than that…at least from what i remember.

    I lived there and left town for the holiday for this reason.

      1. if it’s ATL then why don’t we see it here on a regular basis? I moved to ATL 10 years ago. My fist lesson was stay yo ass inside during Pride. Out of towners are reckless. They can show their ass because they just have to go back to Bumfuck, Mississippi! It’s literally their dream. And the pent up tension from the Rona didn’t help. But by no means are these Atlanta residents.

        1. They mixed in there, believe that. It may be mostly out-of-towners, but you got residents mixed up in that foolishness. Lol

    1. It’s definitely Georgia people. Here is why, Georgia is one of few states that DON’T WEAR MASKS! Let alone social distance and having events. Everywhere else is SHUT DOWN! No pride, events, nothing. Yet Atlanta out here got a club way past capacity during a got damn pandemic, with people walking around in nothing but underwear fighting, drinking and everything else. I’ve seen some of the footage even before Pride and its quite a few of Atlantiens fighting up in the clubs STILL. Then you wonder why y’all got the highest numbers in the country. If it wasn’t a pandemic, it could be a possibility that it was majority people from out of town, just not this time. You wanna know why, because if they wearing masks in their state, what makes you think they are coming to Georgia to fight. Who is risking being around all them people, no masks or face coverings, in your damn get em girl draws fighting and catching cases whether its medical or judicial. Atlanta been clowning this whole time so don’t try and say they haven’t.

  3. They sad all the good old boys laughing at them very very dumb bars and clubs should’ve been closed any way what happen to going to party be cute find a man sorry ass sissys

  4. As Nene would use to say, “whew…the ghetto…the ghetto!” Man the gays can never get along every year this Pride shit happen in the ATL on Labor Day weekend. Every year there is a video.

  5. Jamari,

    “I read the comment by “Black is beautiful” here http://o3v.a1b.mywebsitetransfer.com/oh-hi-were-back-in-hell-again-take-your-seats-because-the-show-has-begun/#comment-160565 , particularly:

    “Its time for us as Black People to come up with a totally different solution other than:

    3) LOOTING

    I just sent you and email about SOLUTIONS to the problems that plague African Americans. To solve our problems–and not just talk or write about them–immediately read that email and immediately reply with your suggested to the problems that plague African Americans.

    One definition of insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results. That’s what “Black is beautiful” describes–a foolish, insane rollercoaster. If you want to get off the rollercoaster, please reply to the private that I just sent to you with your suggested solutions to the problems that plague African Americans. If you like being on the foolish, insane rollercoaster, no action is needed by you and you can think about your next website entry lamenting the condition and treatment of black people in the United States that you will no doubt write in a month, two months or six months from now.

    The choice is yours! Choose carefully!”

    1. …..dean, seriously, what the hell?!

      You can’t presume to give people some ultimatum as if they are obligated to respond to your article, or call them out publicly as well as imply they’re not about the movement if they don’t respond.

      It’s a blog, filled with not only entertainment but also deals with matters pertaining to equal rights and respect. How dare you minimalize all of that so you can stand on a soapbox and pretend that you’re above it all.

      He’s not required to give you a response, he’s not needing to type out a list of recommendations and you ominously giving him an “or else” end-note.

      If it matters that much to you take it up with protest leaders in your area. Hell, lead the m ovements near you with your list of suggestions instead of trying to hijack a forum to showcase your attempts at intellectualism.

      There are ways to go about this, but trying to strong-arm someone through pseudo-manipulation is the wrong way.

      I’ve never seen someone DEMAND someone’s time like this. That self-important narcissistic way of doing things is embarrassing, ya’ll.

      Congrats on your development of suggestions to further the movement. I hope you’re able to get the attention and discussion you crave on it….in their time, not yours!

  6. That’s only ratchet people and those kind of people are everywhere. I know a few Brothas and Sistas who moved to ATL and they’re making moves and business connections. I guess because they most of my friends and family are past that dumb age where folks want to be tough. And I also know ratchet people who drive to Florida and ATL and act a fool. I got a feeling alot of these fools are young tourists.

  7. Gay PRIDE.. PRIDE.. so what was so beautiful in those behavior for anyone to have PRIDE in? Do gays really have PRIDE in this? SMH… It’s like everything else that was started in the late 70s and perfected as the years go by , suddenly the new thinking is to inject behaviors that are influenced by Social Media to make it “LIT”… WTF???

    Our Gay brothers and sisters did not DIE for this? PRIDE , like BLM was a statement when it started. It was meant to be Gay nationalism, gay empowerment, gay symblism, gay openness, gay activism, gay LOVE.

    These clips are not representative of the overall celebrations but it’s all people are talking about and all we do is roll your eyes and accept it.. and it continues every fucking year…. FUCKERY 😠😠😠

    FUCKERY….and of course Black people are head and center of this fucking mess..SMH….and we talk about BLM…what a fucking joke🤮

  8. They all look so tuff while talking noise and being held back…but then they all fight the exact same way….head down and windmill 😂😩🤦🏿‍♂️

  9. I saw a lot of people without masks….in large crowds….folks are gonna have to deal with more than windmill fights when they come home with a case of Covid-19…

  10. I will say this, from my experience its always been the young messy bottoms who starts the fight and end up dragging their friends in the fight. I have yet to see a fist fight like two dudes on the street. All you see is windmills and double dutch arms with heads down screaming bitch, bitch, bitch. The messy ones always want to fight and make a scene. The ones who don’t like all that drama already gone

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