oh hi, we’re back in hell again. (take your seats because the show has begun)

here we go again.
this out of control merry go round called “america” has dropped us off at hell.
i thought we were in a quiet-ish kind of place,
but it seems that was the calm before the storm.
there is a legit category 4 hurricane headed towards nola and texas.
everyone is in my prayers down there.
today i feel emotionally drained

I haven’t felt this way in a while.

i’ve actually been pretty happy,
but today’s energy brought me down.
as a blogger for this amazing foxhole,
i am always “in the know“.
my interests lay everywhere because i might miss out on a good story.
a lot of that is energy that can burn me out when i’m at a low vibes.

These stories about more black folks getting shot up and killed
A gunman literally being the example of white privilege
The RNC spewing lie after lie about the state of this country
The Rona is still making herself comfortable

Unemployment has sky rocketed
Violence in NY has boosted
Some people in my life acting weird; it was good bout a week ago

things are really fucked up right now.
tough times don’t last forever but dang…

How much more can black people take?

i swear,
we have been dropped off into an alternate universe.
it has given me the cruelest headache today.
bad enough,
i woke up at 4am and couldn’t get back to sleep.

i’m sending my prayers to everyone.
i hope we can overcome all of these trails we are/have been facing.
who woulda thunk this is how the last week of summer 2020 would end?
it’s like i want a do-over.

12 thoughts on “oh hi, we’re back in hell again. (take your seats because the show has begun)

  1. 2020 is doing the most now Chadwick Boseman of Black Pather has died at 43 of colon cancer.


  2. When we get over all of this C-19 drama, I’m leaving the U.S. for good. After traveling and temporarily living in other countries, there’s so much more this world and life other than trying to change a society and culture that will always be anti-black to its core.

    I know it is crazy, but I’m definitely interested in repatriating to Africa…even as a gay man. Spent a month and a half in Ghana, for the first time in my life I felt what it was like to be a white American and not have to think about my race. It felt good to know that if anyone had an attitude toward me or treated me wrong it wasn’t because the color of my skin…more so due to me being an American/foreigner.

    Things aren’t perfect in Africa for the gays, but they are slowly getting better. That’s something I can’t say for race-relations in America. Either way, as black gay men, we are going to be marginalized. Perhaps, it is better to pick our poison than try to swim upstream…

    1. I wish you well on your quest to cower down and run from racism and homophobia in a world full of it. Send us postcards and let us know how that goes as you relocate dozens of times.

  3. Jamari,

    I read the comment by “Black is beautiful” above, particularly:

    “Its time for us as Black People to come up with a totally different solution other than:

    3) LOOTING

    I just sent you and email about SOLUTIONS to the problems that plague African Americans. To solve our problems–and not just talk or write about them–immediately read that email and immediately reply with your suggested to the problems that plague African Americans.

    One definition of insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results. That’s what “Black is beautiful” describes–a foolish, insane rollercoaster. If you want to get off the rollercoaster, please reply to the private that I just sent to you with your suggested solutions to the problems that plague African Americans. If you like being on the foolish, insane rollercoaster, no action is needed by you and you can think about your next website entry lamenting the condition and treatment of black people in the United States that you will no doubt write in a month, two months or six months from now.

    The choice is yours! Choose carefully!

  4. Its time for us as Black People to come up with a totally different solution other than:

    3) LOOTING

    Non Violent!!!!!!!!! Non Violent !!!!!!!!!!!!! No Fighting!!!!!

    Just short of moving to a specific State ,or part of the country!! I am not leaving America. My people have built this land.

    I am all for a “Separate but equal solution:

    1)Our own Police force
    3) Bank
    4) etc


    I wish it was this simple my brothers.. I’m just tired ( Sad,Angry Crying)

    1. I understand your viewpoint but that’s not the solution. That not only would place the country within even more division, but would put those of us who are multiracial in a space of both internal and external turmoil to choose a side. I don’t know what the ultimate answer is but it will not come about with division. We have already seen what division does in our country and world. What is going on now is the product of that. We have to unify as a world to rip racism up from the root.

      1. To Truth Speaks,

        This is not what I want dear Brother ( The Term “Brother ” applies to you and anyone who respects lives ) I don’t know what else to do. I know their are good people ,but they aren’t changing anything!!!!

        [ Jacob, A “Black” Father, was shot to be Killed. Those officers didn’t care to try alternative measures .His “Black life”,, my” Black life” nor your” Black life” mattered to them ]

        It could’ve be you.

        Being that you are of ” mixed” heritage ( made of love) What is your solution???? ?????

        I am open to anything different than what we have been doing . ITS NOT WORKING!!!!!!!!

        Yours truly,

        (Scared ,Angry, Crying Human Being who happens to have Black Skin}

  5. No, America is no different. Every 40to50 years, it finds a line of bullshit that’s acceptable to all for the moment. The there is no racism/I’m not racist era ended. A new narrative of bullshit will come about soon and everyone will calm down.

    You’ll know what it is when the paid “black leaders” come up with it. Within 10 years, even the term African American will go the way of colored and negro.

  6. This site pretty much has 1 viewpoint/ 1 way of thinking on social injustice . You’re beaten up for having opposing views so I’m just here to see repetitive viewpoints .

    1. It’s a personal blog. Not an unbiased news website. A personal blog. Are you remedial?

      You’re always here with the unwarranted comment. Jamari’s blog is his personal space which he chose to make public for views and whatnot.

  7. 2020 is going to be the new number 13. Will we even want to talk about this? Life is literally a horror movie. It’s the Purge meets a disaster movie. Afraid to go outside for a disease/cops shooting us/white people lying on us to kill us/lynching Black people and saying it was suicide (happened near me and I’m up in the NorthEast)

    And yes this weird has been WEIRD. Very people acting out of character. I don’t know. Praying seems useless but what else can we do? What else is there?

    I’m waiting for a Black militant group to rise up. One who takes matters into their own hands. Escorting Black people to and from places safely. It’s so frustrating. I wish we would band together. There is strength in numbers.

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