so nate from hbo’s “euphoria” has dropped maddie and decided to come out ?

white gays are having the best week ever.
they seem to be snagging all the good dick out here.
first of all,
i didn’t even know jacob elordi,
who plays nate on hbo’s “euphoria”,
was even gay or bi.

i thought he was in an alleged relationship with zendaya.
i guess i was wrong because…


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he appears to be in an alleged relationship with tommy dorfman.

i don’t even know who ^this was,
but obviously he likes dick.
i guess jacob is like his character “nate” from the show.

…just less conflicted about his sexuality.

lowkey: nate is such an interesting and complex character in terms of sexuality.
i hope they dwelve into his demons more in season 2.

7 thoughts on “so nate from hbo’s “euphoria” has dropped maddie and decided to come out ?

  1. No dude. They are just friends. Jacob is straight with a girlfriend. I’m very affectionate with my straight bros. We even platonically cuddle. It’s not undulating.

  2. “i thought he was in an alleged relationship with zendaya.”

    He is in a relationship with Zendaya as Tommy is married to Peter Zurkuhlen, his husband since 2016. And, to my knowledge they are still going strong. So, this appears to be nothing more than a straight white boy comfortable with his sexuality kidding around with his gay friend to spark some gossip on social media. I long to see the day where we see the black version of this, but…we all know Hell would freeze over before that would ever happen.

    1. Look at Tommy’s hand placement

      Not on the waist, not on the butt

      Lower thigh. Dudes are just beasties. And Tommy is in a marriage, so there’s nothing to this. Just guys being guys.

  3. Yes to Nate! I recently learned that Tommy Dorfman and Rupaul’s Drag Race winner Violet Chacki dated in high school. In Atlanta.

  4. This nate guy is hot, but tommy Dorfman must have a WAB because he is not cute. 🤷🏾‍♂️

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