does andre marhold have jeffree star’s nose wide open or is it mutual open nostrils?

i can make males very comfortable with me.
i’ll never forget,
years ago,
i went on a date with this author who was dl.
it was our first time meeting and i didn’t want some netflix and chill shit.
now he was acting all nervous before the date,
but once we were in that restaurant,
he was doing way too much.

Eye fuckin’ the shit outta me
Taking food off my plate seductively
Finding ways to touch me

he was making me nervous cause i was like wtf!!!!!
talmbout he wanted to teach me how to write books.
we didn’t kiss,
my lips never touched his privates,
nor did he get a whiff of this good stuff but i had that nose wide open.
i’ve realized that when/if a male is into you,
regardless of what the circumstances are,
they will let their defenses all the way down.
i don’t know whose nose is wide open between jeffree star or andre marhold.
i mean andre out here cooking dinner on ig stories and doing alla this

then this today:

don’t even get me started on the baby mama losing her mind:

i don’t even think jeffree was this open with his last victim.
that bbc must have shifted his spine that he is “open open”.
it’s insane to me that andre sold himself out for this:

i hope the burgers,
back shots,
and the bag
are worth it.

lowkey: i guess it’s all about the bunz…


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Snack Time 🧁

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Bitches is pressed, administer mouth to mouth 🎱

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Getting ready for Sunday church and the local #Orgy 👅

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…because i have no other explanation.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

19 thoughts on “does andre marhold have jeffree star’s nose wide open or is it mutual open nostrils?

    1. This is some nasty nasty shit. When you start off ugly it will always end ugly. His baby mama is buggin because she probably has some degree of mental illness but most importantly how would you feel if your ex left you for an androgynous alienesque caucasian being that could be the spawn of Voldemort?

  1. Imagine being in love and having someone following you all day to photograph some of your most intimate moments 🙄

    PS Jeffree Starr is 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  2. Andre has to be a coon. I can understand fucking the white bird and getting something (whatever that “something” is), but to publically SHOWCASE this shit on the innanet … naw bro … it’s some coon shit.

    1. No one talking about the fact that there is an invisible 3rd person in this scenario, following them around, taking pictures of their “dates”

      This is a STUNT, an inauthentic showmance. Jeff knows how to stir the pot, and I’d be damned if this is love.

  3. That “it” is using all kinds of racial slurs all the while “it” doing its best to look black! I don’t see the attraction but to each his own. That would be something that you take out after dark, on the weekdays when nobody else can see!

    1. That’s something you take out after dark to throw away or put down. That ish got rabies, tetanus, and some other shit. Fuck that silicone trash.

    1. It’s less about looks and more about Jeffree makes him feel. If you notice, men almost ALWAYS cheat with someone ugly and bad built. But the side piece is desperate. So they’ll do everything the main won’t. And the side makes him feel like “a man”.

      Jeffree: Oh my gawddd Daddy. It’s SOOOOOOOOOO big! Brad never blew my back out like this. You’re my mandingo Black KING!

      Ugh. The thrill White people give them during sex is what Keisha won’t. Worship.

      Keisha: Negro, your d!ck ain’t THAT big! F outta here.

      It doesn’t mean Black people are less. It means Black men are insecure.

  4. Why would he take pictures like that? Animal abuse to that fluffy chihuahua. You mean to tell me this Black man finds those hard coconut shells sexier than natural on a Black woman? I GUESS.

    Let’s hope he’s chasing the bag like Jeremy Meeks did and this is a ruse.

  5. I’ve come to the conclusion that it is what it is…..if that’s who he likes……so be it!!! As my grandmother use to say…..If He like it…I love it!!! Get yo COINS Sir!!

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