jacob blake’s mama might need to get on the type of time we are on

remember the family of botham jean?
they sat up there asking for mercy for amber guyger.
hell even the judge came off her bench to hug her like she was the victim.
well the mama of jacob blake seem to be on the same wave.
as you know,
jacob blake was shot in the back 7 times by the hunters in milwaukee.
he has survived but he may be paralyzed from the waist down.
( x read more here )
well his mama is moving on an entirely different kind of time.
they had an interview with don lemon and well…

why do i get the feeling she doesn’t seem to care?
as i parent,
i’d be fuming that my son is laying up in the hospital with 7 bullets in him.
she seems very lackadaisical.
( x is this the reason why? )
regardless what he has done,
there is no reason he should have been shot up the way he was.

i didn’t like how she apologized for missing trump’s call either.
that didn’t sit well with me.
trump is one of the main reasons for all of this happening.
he has created a world of chaos.
it’s baffling she’d apologize for missing his call and scolding a family member on live tv.


is she talmbout the sister?
i could be taking it wrong,
but that’s how it’s coming off.
if i’m being ignorant,
please correct me.
here is the full interview on “cnn“:

i will font i like she called out politicians for their nonsense.
black people getting shot and killed,
especially for the world to see,
should not be taken lightly.

4 thoughts on “jacob blake’s mama might need to get on the type of time we are on

  1. I can’t stand these white Jesus worshipping, Turn the other cheek, speaking in tongues, Church 7days a week, aunt jemima, ass Mammy’s… & if you wanna be real. JACOB’S ASS SHOULDNT HAVE WALKED BACK TO HIS CAR… WHO KNOWS WHAT HE WAS WALKING TO THAT CAR TO GET!!
    lowkey Jacob, his momma, and family gives me “I don’t hate gays, I hate the sin” teas!

    So I’m skipping this stop on the BLM train!

    1. I was and am still bothered why he went back to his car! You know these hunters will fuck you up…So why tf would he walk away and reach into his car?

      Why would he endanger himself and his kids with these hunters? Especially in these rabid times

  2. I think her comments to a Trump were purposeful and necessary because at the end of the day; she doesn’t want his ass jeopardizing the outcomes or the lives of her family. Y’all know Trump is extremely petty. In America you have to be perfect if you want sympathy for being black and shot by the police. Meanwhile the FLOTUS can spread her legs from her to the Ukraine on magazine covers. I wish we could round up every black person and allow them to live in our own Utopia and I will guarantee you they will be mad about that and wage war. Miserable people love company. And evil and peace can never coexist.

  3. imagine showing more emotion for missing the presidents call than your child laying up in the hospital. that mother is disgusting.
    also, that news article is straight up character assassination. what do his past arrest have to do with being shot. the answer is nothing. they are trying to create the narrative that he was a bad seed that deserved to get shot.

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