my biscuits continue to burn over my aaliyah

it’s been 19 years since aaliyah lost her life.
my aquarius rising sis is truly missed.
that being fonted:


it bugs me that i can’t stream her music.
just the other day i wanted to listen to “if your girl only knew“.
it seriously burns my biscuits i don’t see any of her music on my spotify.
they put this up on her official twitter today

why do i feel this is complete and utter bullshit?
they say this shit all the time.
i have all her albums,
but they are on cds.
my current macbook doesn’t have a cd drive.
the macbook that all of her music is on is doa.
you can’t even buy her music on apple either.
look how much ( x aaliyah’s albums cost ).

To a crisp.
Throw them out and burn a new batch again.

ima need her uncle to get his shit together.
there is no reason her legacy is at a standstill like this.
i’m confused why none of the rich black folks in the industry haven’t bought it.
someone needs to do something.
this annoys my soul to no end.

i hate everything.

lowkey: why hasn’t anyone shamed her uncle into a confession?


Author: jamari fox

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13 thoughts on “my biscuits continue to burn over my aaliyah”

  1. I feel your pain. Aaliyah, she didn’t deserve this and it shows a utter lack of respect on her name. Folks in the industry know she was the SHIT and don’t want to share their sits. I don’t care, I miss this woman. She craved the door for all these out here today. “More Than a Woman” is my fucking jam.
    I love her, that’s all😪

  2. I feel the same way. The younger generation has no clue how music was and still is the shit. That uncle of hers has screwed over all the artist he had on the Blackground label

  3. I thought I had heard that her uncle sold the her catalog. That was also the issue Tank and JoJo had he sold the complete Blackground catalog. I literally joined Youtube Premium JUST to listen to her albums without commercials🤦🏾‍♂️ . I remember when Drake tried to do a project with some of her unreleased songs and Tim and Missy came out for the family saying how hurt they were. So he didn’t go forward with the project. Though Chris Brown did use her unreleased vocals on They Don’t Know and T.I. did sample Rock the Boat for his song Dope. That’s as close as we’ve gotten.

  4. They may as well wait until the 20th anniversary of her passing at this point. I could see her music selling well on vinyl, as well as streaming

  5. Her uncle may have “lost” her catalog in a business deal and doesn’t have the ability to untangle “who owns what” in order to get it streamed. He sold it. It’s gone.

    I was super hyped the last time they set a date and said her music would be available for streaming. Never happened. I’m not holding my breath on it being on streaming platforms any time soon.

    Aaliyah’s final album completed her three album contractual obligation to her label. The infamous contract where artists don’t really get paid or see any residuals due to the label having to “recoup their losses.” Then, she was free to leave or renegotiate.

    It’s very possible that once the most lucrative artist on your label is gone, you leverage that asset against debt. The debt collectors usually win.

    It’s unbelievable to me that NO ONE can find that contract/who owns. Sounds like some alleged shady shit.

      1. One in a million nope, The Aaliyah album has Rock The Boat & We Need a Resolution. The entire first album is on Spotify except the Intro

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