aaliyah is finally free

i keep saying and fonting that i never thought i would see this day.
20 fuckin’ years too long.
i felt like i’d be 80 and they’d finally release aaliyah‘s music for the public.
imagine what is gonna be the streaming platform in the future?
we gonna be in the music.

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did aaliyah really stand a chance against r. kelly?

^and those were matching mickey mouse hoodies.
he brought disney into his filth.
one thing i hate is r. kelly has hit foot in every-fuckin-thing.

all of my favorite r&b 90s songs were all touched by his dumb ass.
i have been doing a good job with banishing him tho.
thank God i couldn’t get into aaliyah’s first album.
i like to imagine that is a demo and her real first album was her second.
as the details about aaliyah and r. kelly’s relationship comes out in his trial,
i am placing blame on so many adults around her.
how did this even happen via his ex background dancer’s testimony

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i have contributed to the many streams for aaliyah’s self-titled red album today

i won’t lie to you,
when the red album by aaliyah first came out,
i thought it sounded really weird to me.
i’ll never forget going to tower records to listen to it…

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aaliyah’s death was truly a butterfly effect for many of us

i’ve been listening to aaliyah’s “one in a million” album since its release last week.
it made me listen to other 90s teen r&b around that era too.
if you’re on the ig foxhole,
you can tell i’m down the rabbit hole with my stories.
aaliyah’s 20th death anniversary was yesterday and i still cannot believe its been that long.

My mother died the same year.
9/11 was the same year too.

even through all those events,
i’m still here even when i thought i would have killed myself a long time ago.
of course,
with any death anniversary,
i went down the rabbit hole of aaliyah’s short life and death.
i saw this clip of dame dash,
her ex,
from an et memorial special yesterday…

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aaliyah is here! aaliyah is here!

i’m not gonna lie to you foxhole,
but i didn’t believe aaliyah’s music would ever get to streaming.
they played my ass plenty of times before when it came to her.
between her estate and that uncle of hers,
after 20+ years,
i just didn’t believe it.
didn’t believe the #aaliyahiscoming and this interview with the uncle of hers:


when i woke up today,
hopped on twitter,

i saw they legit put her album,
one in a million“,
on my spotify

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my biscuits continue to burn over my aaliyah

it’s been 19 years since aaliyah lost her life.
my aquarius rising sis is truly missed.
that being fonted:


it bugs me that i can’t stream her music.
just the other day i wanted to listen to “if your girl only knew“.
it seriously burns my biscuits i don’t see any of her music on my spotify.
they put this up on her official twitter today

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