r. kelly and aaliyah’s alleged daughter will never see her alleged dad again!

i wonder…

If the hyena who made ^this album in the 90s would ever think that his life in the 20s would end up the way it did?

probably not.
i’m sure he thought he had more fuckery for his creative outlet to unfold.

when we are high on the horse of doing dumb shit,
we always think we will be the special snowflake to “make it”.
you know what’s wild?
i haven’t heard an r. kelly song in YEARS.
his music is blocked on my spotify and i forget he exists a lot of the time.
we will probably never see or hear r. kelly again in this lifetime…

Disgraced R&B singer R. Kelly was sentenced to 20 years in prison in a Chicago federal courtroom Thursday following his conviction last year on charges of child pornography and enticement of a minor, his second such lengthy sentencing in the past year.

Kelly, 56, is already serving a 30-year prison term for his 2021 conviction on racketeering and sex trafficking charges in a New York federal court.

US District Judge Harry D. Leinenweber said in court Thursday that 19 years of the 20-year prison sentence would be served concurrently, or at the same time as his other sentence. One year would be served consecutively, or after that sentence is complete, he said.

i know his alleged daughter,
the one he had with aaliyah and is in cahoots with jaguar wright,
is probably very upset with this news:


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no other comments are to be had by me.
i’ll let the foxhole deal with this.

article cc: cnn

6 thoughts on “r. kelly and aaliyah’s alleged daughter will never see her alleged dad again!

  1. Saucy is too much fluff with minimal intelligence and depth to be questioning what anyone else does . PERIODTT!!!

    Is it me or does anyone else think that a beard and full make-up & lashes is aesthetically a No No?

    You can do both just cut down on the false eyelashes or just enhance your eyes and perhaps skin to compliment the beard or shave it off!!

    Ha ha ha ha ha ( I’m low key searious and showing my age!)

    1. UPDATE \CORRECTION : The above comment was ment for another story guys! So sorry and I cant delete on the “Foxhole. ( sad)

  2. The thing I hate about social media is no matter how outlandish it is somebody will agree because these people sprinkle in a bit of truth with their lies.

    Jaguar Wright is talking about things that people who have been around long enough would know they are urban legends and speculation

    It’s also a lot of opinion. She’s not always wrong but when she said Mary j slept with Andre Harrell I knew she was just repeating rumors

    Mary J was signed in the late 80s she and jaguar would not have crossed paths at that time in order for her to know that to be true as first hand information. Meaning she’s speculating the same way any social media commentator would.

    The fact that people believe what she says as some sort of insider because she worked with Jay Z 20 years ago is ludicrous.

    Regarding Aaliyah— I’m not surprised to hear about an abortion she may have had, but to suggest that a 15-year-old had a baby that we never saw and every year post being 16 had a bare midriff and no one ever mentioned this “child” before now is laughable. She clearly struggles with mental issues

  3. I know this isn’t indicative of anything, but sis if your mom was Aaliyah, thee Aaliyah, one of the most beautiful women in the last thirty years and you don’t look nothing like her maybe just maybe she’s not your momma.

  4. Someone needs to contact this girl’s actual parents. And what Jaguar said in that video proves crazy people only want attention. You’ve been banned on every single social media website. Yet still hasn’t taken that as a sign to go the fuck away.

    1. ^ i don’t understand why no one is reeling her in.
      she is threat to herself and God forbid she crosses paths with anyone who “wronged her”.

      at some point,
      it’s time to do some self work in a very quiet and far away place.

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