these stans really don’t care about the celebs they worship tbh

celebs and influencers can’t really trust people on social media.
these folks have you on a higher pedestal than themselves.
stan bases are just circlejerks fawning over the image and not the person.
i don’t know why these folks with platforms do this.
a majority of these so-called “stans” are yes people.
many of them don’t care about their well-being.

They care about you entertaining them…

…but when you end up looking like a clown,
and the circus becomes too much to handle,
they’ll quietly move on to the next.
there is no reason why anyone could think this is “quirky” behavior


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“oh she is free!
leave her alone!”

fuck you.

she legit has a pillow behind her with justin’s face on it.

she is talking in the same accent she was when she started losing it in 00s.
she is severely mentally ill and as she unravels,
#freebritney gets quieter and quieter.
she needed to be in a mental health facility than on instagram.
there were next steps that were missed to help her.
not only that and in my head,
someone in her camp wants her crazy.

jaguar wright has lost her marbles too…

…but because she is dropping tea on celebs in her rants,
she is given a platform for her craziness.

.the moment she does something really stupid,
they will turn on her.

This is why when people chase fame,
they don’t realize no one truly cares about them.

chris farley‘s death should have been a learning lesson.
some stans are like the hooker who ( x watched him od and left him to die ).
( x read about it here )

most celebs and influencers come into the game wanting to be liked.
this can be a “regular people” thing too.
we get so wrapped up in the ‘yes” people,
who are often times crazy af or have ulterior motives,
that we end up having no one when it all falls down.

It’s okay to have stans but stop listening to these people.

they don’t know shit.

lowkey: some of these celebs drop their day ones for their new ones.
that always never ends well.

3 thoughts on “these stans really don’t care about the celebs they worship tbh

  1. Respectfully, haven’t we learned from the torture we put Britney thru over 14 years ago? Publications and blogs such as this post are again making blanket statements about one’s mental health from small snippets of their life via instagram. Let the woman live her life how she wants to live! She isn’t hurting herself or anyone else. DO BETTER!

  2. One thing that’s over looked is that the Stans themselves have mental issues. It’s the mentally ill enabling the mentally ill. The internet has been the death of many people. There was a youtuber(Etika) back in 2019 that committed suicide. You could see him slowly declining mentally year after year but he would never get any help. He had that type of fanbase that no matter what crazy shit he did or said, they’d just keep egging him on. I agree about Britney, she needs to go away. Back to Louisiana and live out the rest of her life quietly.

    And I’m not coming from a insincere place because I myself have mental issues I’ve been struggling with. But at some point you have to have enough sense to realize something isn’t good for you and to back away or take a break.

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