BACKINTHEHABITi’m so glad to be back!
i hate loathe despise cannot stand not being in the foxhole.
“life be so boring and shit”.
i saw so many things i wanted to talk about,
wolves i wanted to post,
and just to smile at the comments.
i know one thing…
if apple didn’t have my laptop ready by yesterday morning,
they were getting a nasty nice phone call.
while i was on pause mode,
i got this foxmail i wanted to share with everyone.
it comes from a lurker named carribean boy and it goes….

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Are You Going To Give This Dick Away To Anyone Else?

rosary-beadsi hope when god blesses me with a great wolf.
i want the typical things like loyalty,
but i hope he always turns me on.
i can’t get with just anyone and be happy.
i would cheat on that poor fella like it was nothin.
at least i’m honest.
i want that “olivia and fitz/scandal type bond”

their chemistry turns me on.
as dysfunctional as that is,
he loves her.
the way he looks at her when she walks in a room.
it’s like time stops.
he is attracted to everything about her.
i nearly exploded watching that episode…

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Fox In The Other City

in life,
there are many paths.
some foxes turn out to be wealthy as hell due to extreme focus.
others almost make it,
become impatient,
and go the “jackal” route.
suckin’ and fuckin’ everything until they can’t do it no mo.
the rest are so confused they just blend in with the wall.
it’s funny how the focused ones become super independent.
choosing “career” or “school”,
social life becomes pretty much non-existent.
the end result is a fantastic career or a great living


…but absolutely no one to rescue us when we fall.
i had to wonder…

Was that my path?

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Did This Muthafucka Just Propose To Me Tho????


this is for the after valentine’s day crowd.
an f-bi just sent this to me and i had to post this comedy…

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Ochocino Is Giving Away Free Christian Louboutins on Twitter

chad ocho is a wolf with a plan.

what better way to get on the vixen’s good side than their weakness.
nothing brings a vixen to her knees,
than a fresh pair of free heels.
how do you think he got that one reality show vixen he butted head’s with?

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